Digital Marketing in the tourism sector

Digital Marketing 27 May 2020

Digital marketing is now used by companies from different sectors and has proven its effectiveness in lead recruitment and increased sales,the tourism sector could not be less.

The tourism sector has adapted effectively to the digital world to increase knowledge of its brands and reach more potential customers,so in the same way that other sectors, the tourism sector and digital marketing go hand in hand.

online marketing in the tourism sector
Digital Marketing in the tourism sector

The evolution of the Internet has made it easier for tourism companies to advertise their travel offerings so that they can reach more potential travellers much more easily than traditional marketing could. The new generation of travelers no longer needs traditional travel agencies to decide where to go and organize their trip.

In this article, we will talk about digital marketing in the tourism sector and how this sector has effectively approved digital marketing to generate more revenue.

Digital Marketing and Tourism

The implementation of digital marketing is now mandatory in all sectors, and the tourism sector is no different.

If you still have doubts, look around when you’re in a coffee shop, when you’re traveling on a bus, or just when you’re taking a walk down the street. You’ll see that a high percentage of the people around you, they hold a mobile device while carrying out their daily actions, we are all connected to the digital world.

Currently traveling is something very different from what it was before the advent of Digital Marketing. Nowadays organizing a trip is so easy that you can book everything with just a few clicks. But, of course, Digital Marketing not only makes it easier for travelers to have a good experience while organizing their trip, it also encompasses digital marketing that can be implemented during the flight, and when the user is already at the destination.

Here are themain areas why the tourism industry needs to implement digital marketing in its strategy.


Generating engagement by your traveling customers is now easier than ever. You can contact them no matter where they are in the world, interact with them for the duration of the service and also after the service. Satisfied and well-served customers will later become recurring customers and tell others about their experience with your company.

Search engine visibility

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines receive our inquiries from destinations, such as getting to them, hosting, means of transportation, etc. Therefore, it is important for companies in the tourism sector to invest in SEO and SEM techniques to make their website appear in the best possible position on the first page of results. Once there, you can increase the number of visitors who see your products and services and then they can become real customers.

For many companies in the tourism sector, search ranking has become one of the most important success factors.

Content Marketing and storytelling as media

Thanks to Content Marketing and the effectiveness of story telling,tourism companies can provide information on their destinations even before potential customers ask. By using social media (hashtags and influencers) blogs, and videos,you can help your potential customers get more travel ideas,and at the same time, these platforms allow you to upload ads from different good places to visit and show them your exclusive travel offers.

Through reviews and reviews, you can also get great benefits. Good feedback is testament to your services, and constructive criticism can help you improve the quality of your service and serve future customers much better. If you want to read more about getting feedback on your products and services, click here.

Use data to create personalized travel experiences

Big Data in digital marketing accompanied by data science allows you to better collect and analyze the data, being able to collect all the customers that interact with your brand through the sales pipeline and the duration of the service.

The data collected can be analyzed to allow you to provide a personalized experience to your customers as well as identify patterns that could negatively affect your business.

You will be able to better understand your customers and offer them what they are looking for to organize their next trip.

How to apply Digital Marketing in the tourism sector

To squeeze the potential of Digital Marketing in the tourism sector to 100, it is not enough to attract users to buy travel deals. To achieve even more benefits, the strategy must be implemented during the three phases of the journey so that companies in the sector can retain their customers.

Phase 1: The target search

In this phase, you should try to offer your users a unified travel experience and try to save them from browsing more than one website.

In addition, you should try to offer new users as much information as possible, traveling to a new destination can generate a little stress by not knowing the place, therefore, provide them with information about what activities they can perform there, which products are the most typical, which places to visit, the currency of the country, etc. can motivate users to continue with the reservation. They will also positively assess information on what are the main risks at the destination, and how to minimize them.

Phase 2: the reserve

During the booking, you must offer your users a good online booking experience and your website must offer usability to 100. That booking is easy.

Offering a fast and hassle-free booking option for your users is the only way to keep them on your website and that they don’t end up giving up the competition.

Your goal remains to provide them with a unified experience so that they end up booking as many services as possible through your company and website.

Phase 3: During the destination

Travelling from destination to destination is a great adventure and at the same time an exhausting experience. How can companies in the tourism sector benefit from this?

digital marketing on the go
Digital Marketing for Travellers

As a travel service provider, you can help your users meet their needs during the trip. Travelers are always looking for places where Wi-Fi is offered for information search and last minute bookings.

Therefore, reaching out to users who are traveling and offering them the exact services they need has become a fundamental part of the implementation of Digital Marketing in the tourism sector.


In order to implement effective Digital Marketing during the 3 stages of the trip, your website must meet the following requirements:


As we mentioned earlier, if your users find it difficult to book, they will go to the next search result, your competition.

Adapted to mobiles

To be present at all stages, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Many users do not travel with their laptop and their mobile will be the main means of searching for information.


The performance and upload speed of your website(WPO) are essential factors for the user to book with you.

Value content

Help your users during their trip by offering them valuable content, if you need help, at Kiwop we are experts in the writing of content. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information on web development in the tourism sector, do not miss our related article by clicking here.


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