Shopify development

We are specialists in the development of online stores in Shopify. We love creating online stores based on this powerful e-commerce manager.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce manager with which you can manage your online store without technical knowledge.

Its ease of use will allow you to focus on the most important task: getting clients; With Shopify you can start selling online without worrying about technology.

The number of Shopify-based e-commerce is growing every day. Currently over 400,000 companies use Shopify as an e-commerce manager. Shopify has a large community of consultants and agencies that support any entrepreneur and company that wants to optimise their e-commerce.

We want to help you get results.

Shopify is the preferred platform for many entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. The Shopify platform is an online service known as SaaS (Software as a Services) that offers absolutely all the functions of electronic commerce.

Shopify services at Kiwop

Shopify servicesat Kiwop will help you achieve optimised performance in your e-commerce. At Kiwop, we have a team of expert Shopify consultants and developers. We can design and develop online stores focused on offering the best user experience and WPO, guaranteeing optimal levels of performance and loading speed in any online store on Shopify.

Design and development Frontend and Backend

We are experts in Shopify. Our team of programmers has created Shopify ecommerces for national and international companies, SMEs and large companies, B2C or B2B. We design and customise online stores adapted to the needs of any type of business, guaranteeing the highest conversion rate and optimised performance levels.

Business consulting and research

Kiwop’s team of business analysts conduct extensive market research to help our clients make the best strategic results-oriented decisions. We carry out analyses of your business, your competition and target audience with the aim of helping your online store in Shopify to increase income.

Assistance in Digital Marketing

The team of experts in Digital Marketing at Kiwop will help your company achieve all the Digital Marketing objectives established through online marketing strategies aimed at improving the digital activity of your Shopify store, SEO, SEM and the CRO conversion rate.

Server and eCommerce maintenance

Our servers are designed to keep your online store in Shopify updated, safeand working at optimal levels. We apply WPO. Avoid loss of data in your Shopify ecommerce and also any performance problems that directly affect your users and sales.

Advantages of using Shopify

Using Shopify offers many advantages, here are the most important:

Shopify administrator

The back-end of an online store in Shopify offers a wide variety of functions and reports that facilitate the understanding of the performance of the Shopify store. In the Shopify backend you can get a deep understanding of all the details of your online store. Among others, you can measure:

  1. Number of orders
  2. Best performing product pages
  3. Phases of the conversion funnel in which the users of your store are (Real time)
  4. Etc.

Shopify pricing plan

Shopify has a pricing plan for all types of businesses. For businesses on a lower budget, Shopify offers a cheaper option, Shopify Lite. For those businesses that need a more exclusive service, Shopify offers the Shopify Plus version.

In addition, Shopify allows you to increase each plan as a business grows.

Free Features

Shopify offers a wide variety of free features.

You can upload a theme to your ecommerce and customise it to suit your brand style.

You can also choose free fonts, change color schemes, add your own images, and if you want to add more images, Shopify offers a wide variety of e-commerce themed stock photos that you can choose from.

Wide variety of Shopify applications

In Shopify you will find applications that have a cost, but there are also a large number of free applications in the store and for which you do not need to add applications to your website.

Countdown timers, background image removers, product sourcing applications, etc.

Shopify Support Community

Shopify has a great support ecosystem. It has its own blog where e-commerce experts share strategies and techniques. On the other hand, Shopify Academy offers e-commerce courses.

The Shopify cloud

Shopify is in the cloud, giving you a plan B in case of exceptional times you experience a server crash. This way, the chances that your online store does not work are very low.

The cost of the Shopify cloud is included in the subscription.

How to grow your Shopify store?

You can grow your Shopify store by implementing Digital Marketing strategies and tactics


Improve the rankings of your Shopify online store on Google. Increase the visits of your potential clients compared to your competitors and the volume of your business. At kiwop we are SEO specialists, if you need any type of assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch.

SEM and Social Ads strategies

You can create and post ads on various platforms.

The most effective paid advertising strategies take place mainly on Google and on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Depending on your business, we recommend you to choose the platform most used by your audience. It is important to choose a platform where it is easy for you to identify your ideal client and buyer personas. Facebook (including Instagram) and Google are the most popular advertising platforms.

Content marketing

Through content creation, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

A large number of online stores do not use content marketing strategies on their websites since managers of online stores often want to see benefits and increases in their income in the short term, so they prefer to invest efforts mainly in ads. But the acquisition costs of the investment in ads for months are very high.

By doing content marketing, you can achieve medium / long-term results, higher conversion rates, and lower advertising costs.

Social networks:

Nowadays, through social networks, you can create an audience for your business even before making your online store public.

If you have an established audience on Social Networks, you can generate traffic and sales using the link in your biography or story.

At Kiwop, we help you get closer to your potential customers and boost your brand with Facebook and Instagram.

We want to help you get results.