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SEO and SEM 22 May 2020

If writing articles on your blog is within your Content Marketingstrategy, you’ve already discovered that it’s not enough to write any topic related to the products and services your company offers, filling out the keyword articles.

If you want attract users to your blog while loyalty,improve SEO positioning of your website and establishing a trust relationship with your potential customers,you’ll have to start writing content that attracts people while being optimized for search engines.

Therefore, when you are thinking about which topic to write on your blog,keep in mind that the content of the article will have to meet certain objectives: first attract your potential customers,and on the other hand, be optimized for search engines,mainly Google.

In this article we want to help you determine on which topic to write so that through your blog strategy you manage to attract more users of your target audience,earn your trust, accompany them in their purchase process,and at the same time, improve your positioning in search engines.


How to attract your potential customers?

Before deciding on which to write your article, it’s important to consider topics that are interesting to your potential users.

on what topics write my blog
About what topics to write on your blog

Who are your potential readers

Your readers play a very important role in making your blog successful. Who are your readers? How can your blog attract them? What topics should you write articles on to keep reading your blog? Answer these questions before deciding which topics to write your blog posts on.

The success of a blog is defined by maintaining, attracting and increasing the target audience of interested readers. Preferably, the type of audience that interacts and leaves comments.

The intention of your potential readers

The intent of your readers is important when deciding what to write your blog articles. Writing blog articles isn’t just about what you want to share, it’s just what others want you to write.

If your readers grow up, they may suggest topics they’d like you to write about themselves. Therefore, you should be aware of what your readers’ intentions are to be able to satisfy them through your blog.

The problems of your potential readers

Can you offer solutions to those problems that affect your potential readers? Helping them solve their problems can cause your blog to take off.

If you can help them solve their problems by sharing with them how they should use certain tools,or including tutorials in your helpful articles and tips,your readers will thank you, and surely they will want to read you more.

What are your concerns?

If you know the issues that concern your potential readers, you can try to alleviate their concerns.

Readers like to feel identified and understood by the bloggers they read, so if you’ve ever experienced the same concerns as them, you can share your experiences and also how you managed to address and alleviate your related concerns.

Readers want to learn new things

If you can write about educational topics so your readers can learn new knowledge through your blog, go ahead. One of the reasons your readers consume information on the internet is that they want to discover and learn.

The goals and goals of your potential readers

Try to know the goals of your readers.

If you share some goals with them, or have ever set yourself their own goals, you can explain how you achieved your own goals and inspire your readers.

How to entertain your potential readers

Don’t forget that today’s readers want to entertain themselves. Tell them a fascinating story, an interesting life and fun things to entertain them.

When you’re deciding on which topics to write your articles. Always remember to try to make them unique, entertaining and useful.

Entertainment + Relevance – Top Items

Tools to find out what your users are looking for

It’s possible that what we think our users are looking for differs from what they’re really looking for. How can we make sure? Well, asking the search engine most used by most users: Google.

Google offers three tools that can be very useful when it comes to finding out what our users are looking for.

Google Ads

Using the Google Ads word planner,we can find out the keywords related to the specific topics we add to the scheduler, and most importantly, this tool tells us the search volume of each word.

like asking Google what topics to write about
How to ask Google what topics we can write about

Words with a high volume of searches are competed for a reason. They are the ones that users are looking for the most, they tell us exactly what our users are looking for on Google for this reason, we can use them to create more specific long tail keywords and use them to find topics on what to write our articles about and add them in our texts.

Google Search Console

Like Google Ads, Google Search Console is a very powerful tool when it comes to figuring out what your users are really looking for.

Before using this tool you will need to configure it with your website.

Then go to the Performancesection in Google Search Console under Overview. There you can see which queries are with the most impressions, clicks, and also the average position your website got in the search results.

search console to determine your blog topics

Queries with more impressions will help you determine what your users are really looking for and consequently, what topics you could write in your upcoming articles.

Google Analytics

When you look at user behavior on your website, don’t forget to see which landing pages are most visited and how long users have stayed on them.

Landing pages can tell you which sections of your website are most successful among your users, and therefore the ones that products / services / texts generate the most interest.

We hope this article will help you decide on which topics to write. If you need assistance, at Kiwop, web development agency and Digital Marketing,we are experts in SEO Writing and can help you optimize your content. Please contact us for more information.


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