Content Marketing: What it is and how to apply it in 2020

Digital Marketing 20 April 2020

In today’s article we tell you everything you need to know about Content Marketing.

Any type of marketing, including Content Marketing, is primarily aimed at attracting the attention of potential customers to meet their desires and needs and thus increase the sale of products and services.

As we mentioned in our latest Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketingarticles, as technology advances marketing is constantly transformed to adapt to new dynamics. Digital evolution has taken a radical turn to Marketing bringing with it the fascinating world of Digital Marketing,in which the message that brands convey is increasingly important. Therefore, applying content marketing is currently essential.

Let’s start with the principle: the definition of Content Marketing. We will then tell you how to apply it effectively in 2020.

Content marketing. What is it?

Content Marketing consists of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and retain a defined audience.

Joe Pulizzi, one of the pioneers of content marketing defines Content Marketing as follows:

Content Marketing is a marketing technique by which persuasive and valuable content is created and distributed to attract, obtain and retain a clearly defined target, with the aim of turning them into future customers.

Joe Pulizzi

Therefore, we see that Content Marketing is an attraction strategy whereby companies try to establish relationships with their target audience and buyer personas. To achieve successful relationships of trust, business empathy plays a very important role.

By creating content companies must communicate with their potential customers without selling them anything, or at least directly, but always with the main objective of being present when users have a need to purchase the products and services they offer. For content generation, companies should try to apply a good dose of creativity, as the most innovative and visual content attracts the most.

Content Marketing has become an essential technique within any digital marketing plan.

Content Marketing must be combined with other strategies, forming the set of actions and strategies that we currently know as Inbound Marketing, allowing to attract and trust customers without being invasive.

digital marketing plan

Content Marketing: The Importance of the Funnel

To build an effective content marketing strategy, we need to consider all phases of the funnel.

The distribution of content of different natures in the different phases of the funnel is the key to success.

Funnel del Marketing Digital

For example, during the awareness or awareness phase it is important for users to receive informational content,and when a potential customer is in the conversion to customer,will help you decide to complete the purchase action are promotional content such as offers and discounts, or in turn, success stories and ratings from other customers who finish persuading them for purchase.

Therefore, companies must create content designed for each phase of the funnel, to motivate potential customers to move through the different phases.

Awareness and knowledge phase

At this stage, users identify that there is a problem or need. They need content that instructs them and understands that your business can fix it. Here are some suggestions:

Consideration phase

At this stage of the funnel, users evaluate the available options, including those of your competitors. We need to provide as much information as possible through quality content that helps potential customers analyze the best option. For this phase, you can generate and distribute your content in the following formats:

Conversion phase

Users who go through the entire funnel reaching the final phase need to receive the most convincing content to end up completing the purchase process. For example, discounts, the gift of an add-on or free shipping, and in addition, the ratings of other users and success stories often convince the leads to proceed with the purchase. Here are the following content for the conversion phase of your buyer person:

Why apply Content Marketing

As you can see, applying Content Marketing takes a significant effort. At Kiwop we are experts in Content Marketing and we can guarantee that investing in Content Marketing is worth it. Here’s why:


By generating value content, you are showing your potential customers that your company is expert in its field and subject matter and therefore, you are gaining notoriety.


If you apply creativity in content creation and generate visual and innovative content, you’ll be starting a conversation with customers in your target audience, who will want to share your content, and comment and comment on them.


Greater presence on the Internet and therefore more visibility of your brand. In addition to improving your brand image, offering varied, quality and useful content,you will improve your visibility and generate a good online reputation for your brand.

Web positioning

The creation of quality content and its correct distribution will trigger your positions in search engines. Content is one of the most important factors for Google, so take it for granted, that Google will reward you for implementing Content Marketing strategies.

Lead Generation

Content Marketing is an essential strategy in the lead generation process and, in addition, through value content you will improve your relationship with them, since they generate trust between the brand and the consumer. Content Marketing allows you to reach a large number of people and helps you attract potential customers.

Content Marketing: What Are Your Challenges

Content marketing: How to apply it in 2020

The key element in the Content Marketing application is the generation of content and its correct distribution.

Content creation is key to achieving:

Content marketing is a strategy that achieves medium-long-term results.

Results are maintained in the long term if you make a good definition of the following factors:

Identify who your leads are

Knowing who your leads are doesn’t just mean knowing demographics.

It is important that you know and determine what their interests and needs are. Once you’re clear, you’ll determine what value content you need to create for it to succeed.

The type of content you’re going to generate

Once you’ve identified your buyer people, you’ll need to define what kind of content you’re going to offer them in order to attract them and earn their trust to buy your products and services.

In this phase, you will have to choose the format that you will use, here are the most popular formats today:

Important note: For published content to have the expected scope, content must be developed using SEO techniques. If you have any questions or need the assistance of a professional, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to distribute the content

How to distribute content is critical to effectively being consumed by users in your target audience.

To determine the distribution channels, we must first find out what channels the target audience consumes.

In addition to your own channels, you can use the means of payment to give a boost to your promotion. Learn how to combine SEO and SEM strategiesto give your content a spectacular reach.

The periodicity of posts in your content

If the above actions have been carried out correctly, the periodicity with which you post will help you position yourself both in search engines and in the minds of your potential customers and people. Without a strategic publishing frequency, you could jeopardize the success of all other actions.

Content marketing: Key steps to implement strategy

Here are the fundamental steps you need to take to develop a good Content Marketing strategy:

Defining goals

Each company must define its own different objectives. They are usually:

Your goals should be SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, in Time.

SMART goals

Defining your target

As we’ve discussed earlier, you need to know what your audience is and what their preferences are to know what kind of strategy you’re going to create.

Some of the features are:

Analysis of your competition

Analyzing your competitors will help you design a plan that differs from others in addition to overcoming them, and can also allow you to learn from other companies’ mistakes.

Strategy planning

Each strategy must have a planning schedule that includes actions to be done, how, when, on which networks, and why.

Effective content creation and distribution

This is the phase in which everything planned should be applied and also described earlier in this article. What content, where (in which channels), and how often we will publish them.


It is essential to monitor the results that are being obtained through the strategy. If the results are not positive you can change your strategy and make the necessary adjustments.

Important: Listen to your audience and collect all feedback through feedback.

If you want to know more about how to develop a Content Marketing strategy, don’t miss our article describing in more detail the 8 steps to develop a successful Content Marketing strategy.


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