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In Kiwop, we are experts in carrying out campaigns on Social Networks. If you want to increase the visibility of your business, build customer loyalty and get more leads to your website, you need a good strategy for these platforms.

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If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

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Why do you need a Social Media strategy?

Nowadays, all brands have started to have a presence on the internet, this makes competition much higher. You are no longer competing only with the rest of the stores in the neighborhood, now you are competing even with a business on the other side of the world. With this high volume of competition, you must make more effort to differentiate yourself from other brands that offer products or services similar to yours.

A good Social Media strategy is key, not only can it get you sales through the same platform, it can also make users connect more with your brand and thus put you ahead of your biggest competitors.

A tailored social media strategy

Not all companies have the same objectives and the same strategy does not work for different objectives.
In Kiwop we are very aware of that, so before starting any action we focus on knowing your brand, know what you need and devise a content plan that gets you to achieve it.

In Social Networks there is no magic formula that you can apply and that from one day to the other your business is positioned above the others, it is necessary to investigate the behavior of users to your products or services to discover the strategy that you must follow so that your networks not only grow, but also to create a community with upward trend.
These strategies to follow will not be the same on all platforms, since each one has different algorithms and the use that can be given to them in relation to the communication of your product is different. The strategy we make for TikTok will not be the same as for Facebook, users are different, so the content must be different. Luckily in Kiwop we are experts in all social networks, so you don’t have to worry about that. We can create your dream boards on Pinterest, promote your products on Facebook, show your creative side on Instagram or even create content for the great fashion app that is TikTok. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Twitter or LinkedIn either. And if that’s not enough, we can also run Social Ads campaigns, to ensure that the reach of our campaigns is not only greater, but also more targeted.

Why should you leave your Social Networks in Kiwop's hands?

In Kiwop we are digital natives, that means that we were practically born with a cell phone under our arms, with all that that entails. We have grown up watching the evolution of social networks and the emergence of new ones. This means that we know how to adapt perfectly to all the new changes that the algorithm brings and we are able to include all the functional novelties in the strategy. What better than digital natives to carry out your Social Media campaigns?

What does Kiwop bring to your Social Networks?

Social Networks are not only based on posting a photo with a phrase from time to time, to achieve the objectives you need consistency, quality content and create community.
In Kiwop we are experts in all these aspects: we will make a preliminary study of your current situation, we will develop a content plan that can help you achieve those goals, we will make sure that this content is coming out in due time and we will interact with your followers as well as solve any questions that may arise.
But it doesn’t end there! Once these actions are being carried out, it is necessary to analyze the results obtained in order to be aware of whether they are working as we wanted or if the strategy needs to be redirected.
In Kiwop we love what we do and we are really passionate about Social Networks and everything they imply. Trusting us with your project means making sure that you will get the expected results.
What are you waiting for? Get your business off the ground!

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We help you get results

If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

Shall we start today?