CRO – Conversion rate optimization

We are specialists in CRO. If you want your website to be more profitable and boost conversions, you need conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Why do you need to optimise your conversion rate?

Conversion rate optimization is the exercise of increasing the conversion rate in any marketing, sales, or any business practice.

CRO involves marketing optimization, website optimization, landing page optimization, testing, customer experience, usability, marketing experimentation, and any discipline focused on optimising the users behaviors on a website.

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CRO services at Kiwop

Kiwop is a company leader in conversion rate optimization, offering a wide range of proven strategies to increase conversions fast.

Web design, copy-writing and analytics interpretation are key skills that go side by side with CRO. Our multidisciplinary team of CRO experts has worked on hundreds of websites to increase conversion rates on landing pages, home pages, product and category pages and checkout processes.

We will help you achieve measurable results by improving your conversion rate using proven methods, such as website testing and conversion funnel optimization. With our comprehensive conversion testing tools and over a decade of experience with website audits, Kiwop will help you boost your conversions and turn more leads into customers.

To be successful, any CRO campaign needs to follow a process. We will bring solid hypotheses based on qualitative and quantitative data, create page variations based on the hypotheses, converge actionable insights and analyse all results meticulously to implement changes accordingly.

If you want to run a successful CRO campaign, contact us and tell us more about your project.

Phases of a CRO project

We can divide a CRO project in a simplified way into 5 phases:

Phase 1: Analysis

Through the use of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or any other traffic analysis tool, we will obtain the necessary data to define how the CRO can be improved. The measurement factors of a web page are related to each other; for example, the conversion rate may be affected by a very high bounce rate.

Based on the established KPIs and the most relevant audiences / segmentations, significant metrics can be extracted for the analysis and weaknesses can be detected at the quantitative level.

We will analyse the sales funnel and detect the abandonment rates of each step

In addition to a quantitative analysis, we will carry out a qualitative analysis of the website to reach relevant conclusions about the use that users are making of the web.

Following the LIFT (Landing page Influence Functions for Tests) model, the landing pages must be analysed.The LIFT model is a framework for analysing Landing pages to optimize the conversion rate. It is made up of 6 aspects that influence the conversion rate (value proposition, relevance, clarity, urgency, distraction and anxiety)

Phase 2: Objectives of the CRO project

After the analysis prior to optimizing the conversion rate, you must establish what you want to improve, define the conversions and micro-conversions of the website.

Defining objectives is a fundamental step in the process

Phase 3: CRO hypothesis

This phase is the time to establish the aspects that can be improved for subsequent AB testing.

During phase 3, we draw the conclusions of the analysis phase, taking into account the objectives of each campaign, the KPIs, and the principles of the LIFT model.

In this phase, a series of possible hypotheses that would improve the performance of the website must be considered.


Phase 4: Testing

It is the moment to carry out AB tests with the hypotheses presented.

The A/B Test consists of developing and launching two versions of the same item and measuring which one works best. It is a test that will serve to optimise the efficiency of the pages of our website.

Phase 5: Development

During this last phase of the CRO project, the solution will be carried out with which we have obtained a better CRO in the previous phase.

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We help you get results

If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

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