Web development in the tourism sector

Web Design and Development 05 May 2020

Today, the vast majority of users who travel book their holidays through online channels. This is the factor that has contributed the most to the strong prominence of web development in the tourism sector,acquired in recent years.

Although some travelers still consult traditional agencies, they often do so to complement their online searches.

web development in the tourism sector

The rapid evolution of consumer behaviour has forced travel agencies to bet on innovation, multi-channeling and the latest trends in web development to stay in force in the tourism sector.

The importance of the Internet in the tourism sector

Through the Internet users interested in travel can find destinations, offers, advice from other travelers on websites and blogs, and the possibility to plan their vacation in an integral way.

But the main advantage that the online channel offers travelers to book their holidays is the ease it offers for comparing prices between the various options and the ease in booking.

As a result, it is already a fact that websites outperform traditional travel agencies as a source of information.

web development and design in the tourism sector
Websites as sources of information in front of traditional travel agencies

The vast majority of travelers search the internet to plan their trips and then (after a good consumption of digital information) book their holidays online. To learn about the different destinations, read blog articles from other travelers users, watch videos on YouTube, follow other travelers on their social networks, etc. The“consumer travel journey”is becoming more complex and the information takes on a leading role giving way to the need to bet on Inbound Marketing.

Web development as a source of trust

Users who use websites as sources of information to plan their trip seek a simplified experience and seamless process. The traveler seeks to compare different prices and types of holidays before booking to subsequently decide which of all options is the best and most complete.

Having researched and explored in different sources of information: online travel agencies, travel and holiday destinations websites, etc. The traveler makes his purchase decision.

In order to gain the trust of travelers, websites must meet essential requirements in terms of web development, if they do not want to be discarded.

The loading speed / WPO web performance

The upload speed of a website is a determining factor. For companies in the tourism sector, optimizing loading speed is essential to avoid a high bounce rate, and even more so when your goal is for travel users to end up converting. Today users don’t wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load. There are hundreds more websites, probably from the competition, and during the initial phase of the funnel,the awareness or awarenessphase, the user has not yet established any link with the brand.

Websites that take time to load are a problem. Time is worth, and what annoys any user today is having to wait. Therefore, a website must load quickly, otherwise many users will leave it without giving them a chance to view the site, even if their content may be useful to them.

UX/UI usability

Usability can be defined in a few words as the ease of using a website.

UX user experience or usability strongly influences the impression a user stays with after visiting a website. Would you recommend it to your friends?

For companies in the tourism sector, taking this factor into account in web development so that a user has a good browsing experience is essential. Good usability depends on many factors: web design,whether it is useful to the user, the quality of the content it offers, whether it is easy to use, etc.

The higher the usability of the website,the higher the conversion rate (percentage of users who take an action on the website: fill out a form, subscribe, book, etc.)

In the tourism sector, a usable website is one that will achieve maximum conversion among travelers entering the website. If it is an online travel agency, web development should ensure the following issues.

Attractive web design

The web design of a website is a very important factor that influences the first feeling that a user of a company has. If you don’t like what you see, or don’t build trust, you’ll most likely leave the website, in many cases without even considering the content.

Implementing good design in web development generates confidence, seriousness and very good impression.

web design in tourism sector

In addition to an attractive web design, it is important that the website is intuitive. Making it easy to navigate travel users means that their visits reach the website’s goal. In addition, it avoids abandonment on the website of lost users who have not found what they were looking for.

Useful and quality content

The theme and content should be useful and be in line with the end user who plans a trip or wants to book, to prevent him from leaving the page quickly.

All factors within web development are intertwined with each other. For example, quality content may be affected by an unattractive web design and also by the lack of interactivity and animation of a website; if the texts and contents are too long and too intense it can lead to abandonments.

Web structure

A breakdown of clear and simple content, well explained, and a good web structure guarantee the success of any website, and the tourism sector is no exception.

To make your website well indexed in search engines,try to make the content offer easy access to search engines,placing the most important thing (with the right keywords) at the top of your structure. A simple and very intuitive structure must be made for users. If you want to know how to choose the best keywords for your website, we recommendthearticle on keyword analysis.

The importance of a clear and objective structure is what will keep your user connected.

The information on a website should always be clearly, concisely and simply exposed.

Calls to CTA action

It is important to use links to contact forms and calls to action in order to encourage the traveler to book or take any other specific action, such as contacting the company, or requesting more information.

If the contents of the website generate interest or are being implemented Content Marketing correctly, the user may want to interact with the brand, so after showing them the content it is important to invite them to link with the brand so that they know it is available to help you.

SEO Positioning and Web Development go hand in hand

Although they are two different concepts, there is a very close relationship between SEO Positioning and Web Development. A website can only achieve a good position in search engines if a number of good practices have been adopted in web development tasksbefore.

Diseño Responsive or Mobile First design

The holiday period is one of the most instream times for users outside their homes and to connect to the internet most depends on their mobile devices or tablets.

Using mobile in holiday responsive mobile first design
Widespread use of mobile devices on holiday

Travel users, and especially the most spontaneous ones, do not make all bookings before the trip; they always leave room for improvisation and will conduct searches and compare information and prices during their trip. For this reason, tourism service companies must perform just as well on mobile devices as on computers.

Reviews from other users

More than any other type of user, travelers consult the opinions and ratings of other travelers about hotel establishments, transport services, restaurants and bars, leisure activities, adventure sports companies, etc.

For this reason websites should include a section of testimonials, success stories, and ratings, to help convince the user to complete the purchase process.

web development in the tourism sector

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