Symfony development

We are specialists in Symfony. It is our choice when the project requires a lot of customisation.

Why Symfony?

Symfony is an Open Source PHP framework, a set of tools and development methodology to create tailored and customised websites and web applications.

Symfony offers everything you could expect from a PHP framework: speed, flexibility and functionality. Symphony provides a set of reusable PHP components that can be used in other applications independently from the framework. Drupal, phpBB, and Joomla are examples of PHP applications that have been built on Symphony’s decoupled and reusable components.

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Symfony has a large amount of functionalities and a flexible configuration using YAML, XML, or annotations and integrates with an independent library and PHP Unit. Symfony is very flexible, used to build micro-sites and enterprise applications with billions of connections.

Overall, Symfony is a robust framework, faster in terms of performance and easier to maintain for a team of developers.

Symfony development services at Kiwop

We are experts in Symfony and recommend it when a project requires a lot of customisation.

Technical Symfony Development

With years of experience developing and maintaining web applications, we are a team of experienced and highly qualified Symfony Developers that combine our developing services with web design to provide solutions to companies worldwide.

Business consulting and research

We will examine your competitors, your target audience, your market and your business in order to produce a final analysis of insights and key findings. Our team of business and research consultants will study and investigate to enable your business to grow and succeed.

Digital Marketing Assistance

If you are embarking on a new project and need a strategic approach to your marketing needs, Kiwop is the answer for you. We offer an affordable 360° approach to marketing and the opportunity to work with a dedicated network of experts (designers, copywriters, content creators, art-workers, and digital experts) and will help your business to earn more revenue.

Server and website maintenance

Kiwop offers Server and website maintenance services for eCommerce stores, web-based aps, major CMS like Drupal or robust frameworks like Symphony. We will keep your software up to date and running at optimal levels avoiding any type of performance issues.

We want to help you get results.