Why do you need an expert agency for the development of your website?

Web Design and Development 19 June 2020

Today a website is much more than an online space where companies present users with who they are and what their products or services are. For an online business to succeed, the website must perform certain relevant and currently essential functions, in addition to the information that the company wants to present on the website. Therefore, the development of a website cannot be left to anyone and advice and collaboration with experts in web development and web design,working with experts in Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing,should be sought.

In this article we want to present you a list of reasons why you need to hire an expert agency for the development of your website. At Kiwop, a web development and digital marketing agency,we know what we’re talking about. The main reason can be defined in two words. Multidisciplinary team. The team of an expert agency has professionals and experts in different disciplines in addition to web development, which today are essential in the creation of websites and online stores.

web development agency
Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency

Below we will see in more detail what they are and why they are so important.

SEO on the foundations of web development

We all know that SEO (Search engine positioning) is now a must-have science. No matter how well designed a website is, if it is not positioned well in search engines for certain keywords, the website becomes invisible, which results in serious losses for the business.

If you don’t appear on the first page of search results, it’s pretty much the same as not appearing in the results as a high percentage of users don’t even make it to the second page.

If you’re on the first page, appearing in the first or last results can mean a difference of thousands of sales.

Many companies believe they can create their website and deal with SEO later, but the truth is that SEO should be applied from the early stages of web development and leaving it for later is a mistake that can have serious consequences. SEO is an ingredient on a website that can be compared to sugar in a cake. You do not prepare the cake and after it is finished you pour the sugar on top, the sugar is applied during its preparation.

A digital agency not only has programmers who are experts in website development, it is made up of a multidisciplinary team that unites synergies. During the foundations of web development, an SEO expert should be assisted for the following actions:

seo agency
SEO on the foundations of web development

Usability experts

UX usability or user experience is another of the essential factors that must be taken into account and applied in the development of a website.

The user browsing experience should be a top priority in creating the website if we want the user to have a good impression of the brand and revisit the website. To do this, navigation must be easy and intuitive, the user should not encounter difficulties of use on the web to find what they are looking for because they translate into their frustration and the subsequent abandonment of the page to click on another of the results, surely that of the competition.

Among many of the factors that must be taken into account to apply usability on a website,we highlight the most important ones:

WPO Experts – Web Performance and Upload Speed

Web performance is just as important as web usability and user experience when creating your website or online store.

If a website is very well designed and easy to use, but when users navigate through it, the pages do not load, or take long to load, the risk of users abandoning it and going to click on the next result, that of the competition, is very high.

Today users leave websites that take more than two seconds to load, making WPO a key factor in website development.

Additionally, web performance and usability directly affect SEO. Google increasingly takes into account user satisfaction, where that its algorithm already detects the bounce rates of a website, which are interpreted as that website being of quality and should not appear in the first results of search engines.


Optimizing the CRO conversion rate

What is the purpose of a website or online store that you don’t convert?

The goals of a website can be very varied, from getting the most sales, to getting the most subscribers; what is clear is that these objectives must already be defined in the early stages of web development and a strategy should also be established that defines how to achieve them, or what is the same, such as achieving the greatest number of website conversions.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to increase the conversion rate of any website, eCommerce or marketing campaign.

Applying CRO on a website implies optimization of landing pages and the website in general,customer experience, usability, calls to action/ CTAs from the web, landing pages and, in short, all those disciplines focused on optimizing the user behavior on the website.

Recruitment of leads

During the development of the website, the methods that will be used to capture leads and leads and how to implement them on the website should be taken into account.

The acquisition of leads in web development involves performing those actions aimed at obtaining new contacts with which to nurture the company’s database. Among them we highlight:

Experts in content writing

Writing web content is also an important aspect. It is not simply about drafting, but that the wording must be done taking into account the fulfilment of two key objectives:

content creation

Yes, while it may seem that anyone can write, today the writing of optimized content is not a task that anyone can do. The following should be taken into account:

In addition, the writing of content is also a key factor for positioning in search engines. If you are interested in reading more SEO-related articles, we recommend:

Inbound Marketing Specialists

All disciplines described above are part of the Inbound methodology. Since the last few years and due to changes in consumer behavior, the way companies interact with users has also changed, replacing all those invasive advertising and marketing methods, with those focused on attracting users.

For this reason, the success of the development of your website will be guaranteed if the disciplines within the inbound methodology are taken into account. Which, an expert programmer may not know. Hiring an expert agency provides you with the input from a multidisciplinary team through which to get the creation of a website that meets all the requirements.

If you need more information or even want information about our prices, do not hesitate to contact us at Kiwop, your web development agency and Digital Marketing, we prepare a tailored budget without obligation.


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