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SEO and SEM 20 May 2020

Have you ever wondered how often you should write articles on your blog?

All of us who wrote a blog have asked each other this question before. What is the ideal frequency of articles to improve our position in search engines and keep our audience interested?

Surely we assume that the more frequently we publish our blog articles, the more likely we are to reach more users; and although this statement is correct has a drawback: it can make us sacrifice the quality of our items for quantity, and this is a mistake that should never be made.

Unique, quality content is an essential and high priority requirement in all cases, a rule that must also be applied in the Content Marketing strategy on your blog.

In this article we want to help you determine how often you should write articles on your blog,to do this, we will define the most important criteria that need to be taken into account when deciding the frequency of publication.

Key factors to determine the frequency of publication

Below we’ll describe the top 5 factors to consider in determining the frequency of publication of your articles.

How long does your target audience have to read blog articles?

We already know that any Content Marketing strategy should be aimed at a specific segment of potential users interested in our products and services.

It is important to define our buyer people and their interests, not just to choose the theme of our articles. Meeting our buyer people will help us determine approximately how long they have to read blog articles on the internet. Students, for example, spend many hours in front of the computer and have more time to consume content, but there are users who don’t have as much time to read blogs on the internet.

target audience of your blog
How long does your audience have to read blog articles?

What kind of content do you write on your blog?

The type of content you write on your blog is a key factor in deciding how often your articles are published.

There are very dynamic topics that are constantly updated and on which content can be generated and develop a multitude of related and innovative topics. But there are also very specific and specific topics, for which information can hardly be updated because it is of a more static character.

The most descriptive examples for dynamic content could be a news and current events blog, for which you could write even more than one article a day,or travel destination blogs, for which countless interesting and easy-to-update topicscould be developed.

frequency of publication travel articles
Travel blogs allow for a higher frequency of publication

Instead, there are blog businesses dedicated to very specific products,such as zamak for the manufacture of automotive parts. In this case, the frequency of publication of articles will be lower. On the other hand, the writing of technical articles and very complex informationrequires much more time to develop and therefore blogs that publish this type of content should reduce the frequency of publication.

The purpose of your blog

A blog can have a variety of purposes, and when deciding how often your articles are published, the purpose of why you write a blog is a key factor to consider.

If your goal is to attract more traffic to your website, the more frequently you post, the better. But beware, we will not tire of repeating that you should not give up the quality to offer more quantity. Remember that creating content on your blog can help you stay loyal to your users as long as you write quality content. If you publish articles in any way, your users most likely have a bad impression of you and don’t want to reread any of your articles.

The extent of your content

As in the previous section, we must reiterate the importance of not giving up quality to offer more quantity. As long as this standard is applied, the most extensive contents position better.

blog-quality content
Extensive quality content positions better

This is a determining factor in defining the frequency of publishing articles on your blog. Obviously, large articles (more than 1000 words) require more time for their creation and therefore, unless you have a large company with a team of editors, the frequency of publication will be lower than if you write articles of less than 500 words.

How much time can you spend writing articles on your blog?

Finally, the time you have to write articles is one of the most determining factors in defining the frequency of publication. If you want to get results, it’s important to keep up with it once you determine the appropriate publishing frequency.

If you don’t have much time to write content, it’s better to be realistic and set a lower frequency of publication that allows you to write quality articles that offer value to your users. If you don’t have time, you can reduce the frequency of publication, or hire an AGENCY specialized in SEO that develops the contents of your blog strategically for you. At Kiwop, web development agency and Digital Marketing,we can help you, contact us for moreinformation.

Publication frequencies

Depending on the factors described above, you can opt for the following publishing frequencies:


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