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Digital Marketing 24 December 2020

The blog is an effective element for the good development of your online business and to create a community around your brand.

It’s easy to have one, but the important thing is to make it attractive to users and have it optimized.

Many times we are clear about the subject, but we don’t know what kind of content to include in it for a number of reasons.

Some of these might be low inspiration, lack of time, laziness, or other difficulties.

Publishing quality content on a regular basis is complex.

But don’t be discouraged because Kiwop is here to help you.

Here are 10 types of content to write the best articles on your blog.

You only have to define your goals and, based on them, choose the ideas that best suit you.

Let’s go.

What are you waiting for to make your blog attractive? ?

Types of content to post on your blog

Educational posts

This type of content is very original and dynamic for your audience.

It consists of educating the audience about the market in which a particular product or service is inserted.

The main purpose is to educate, not sell. Although you don’t have to lose sight of the goal of selling while writing educational content.

Adapt the context of your e-commerce to quality content that interests your users.

These types of articles are the ones we carry out from the Kiwop blog, as we cover topics related to digital marketing and web development froman educational, analytical and practical perspective.

Some examples would be Guide to finding inspiration and writing memorable articles or Improve your Prestashop’s SEO in this way.

Educational posts
Practical example at Kiwop


Tutorials are a very common resource in blogs of all kinds.

Teach how to use tools, certain topics in detail, or consider strategies to follow for your users.

All this in relation to the basic idea of your online business.

This makes life easier for your followers and gives them the key information they need with pre-defined instructions.

A tip:use lots of screenshots, follow logical commands with a clear sense and descriptive images of what you’re exposing.

Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics


Interviews are content that never fails, as it generates a lot of interest among people who tend to read a blog.

They allow you to meet people or delve into the thoughts of those most popular faces.

Discuss issues related to the marketplace where your online business lives, ask about aspects of your brand or any content you think might interest your audience.

In addition, if you manage to interview someone relevant in the sector, they will broadcast your interview and probably increase the traffic to your website and the number of users who read your blog.

Example at MarvelCrowd

Invite authors

A very original type of content is to invite other authors or familiar faces related to your online business to write on your blog.

This can be very productive, as you would gain visibility with the guest’s followers because the guest would promote you and, many, be added to your user community.

A tip:Make a style guide to your blog so that you both maintain the consistency you usually carry.


Listings are typical in blogs and in all editorial schedules.

People love to make lists for everything and maintain an organization in everything we do and read.

It presents in a simple and synthetic way a content format followed by a text with enumerations and brief information.

This type of content has very good results in both organic traffic and social traffic.

They are easy to read, generate curiosity and simplify things to the reader.

From the Kiwop blog, we are used to listing with topics related to what we dedicate ourselves Optimize Magento SEO today with these tips or4 examples of good B2C content marketing practices for your company.

Practical example at Kiwop


Rankings are strategic articles widely used for the optimal performance they have.

They are often used for greater visibility because by mentioning other blogs, other articles, or some products, users of those pages access yours.

Think about the main idea of your online business and the goals you want to achieve with your blog and, based on this, create rankings with content that may interest your followers.

In this way, they will be interested and curious to know the hierarchy of order or what has been the best thing about a particular theme.

Practical example at Citibox

Personal experiences

This type of content is very original and useful, as it allows you to connect emotionally with your audience and continue to forge a link with it.

We love knowing other people’s experiences and personal experiences.

That’s why telling anecdotes, situations you’ve experienced, or opinions about something that’s happened to you are good content for your blog.

But remember, everything that has a direct or indirect relationship with your brand and that is consistent with it.

Personal experiences
Practical example at Dale la Vuelta

Succees stories

Success stories are often an interesting type of content for your community.

Telling specific situations or specific stories that have ended well and have been a success can motivate your audience and encourage them to move forward.

Show them the case, apply your knowledge to give them advice and explain the reality that can be achieved.

Thus, with the testimony and experience of others, you will be able to convince indecisive people to achieve what they are after.

Succees stories
Practical example at Emprendedores


Showing current trends related to your industry and brand is always a successful content option.

Exposing and commenting on trends often succeeds in blogs as it motivates users to read what is going to take place this season, what is being used more and more or how some particular sector is doing.

We all like to keep up to date with the latest trends and if those are about our interests, then even more so.

Practical example at Emprendices

Frequent questions

Another type of very useful content is, based on the most frequently asked questions your users ask you, to create quality content in this direction.

Take a look at what they’re worried about or most questioned by your followers and get inspired to create content that interests them, motivates them, and casts doubt on them.

In this way, in addition to resolving the doubts that have raised you, you add key elements of interest to your community.

Streamline your blog with good content

You have already been able to see the 10 types of content to add to your blog that we propose.

Now it’s your turn.

Sit back, reflect on what you want to achieve with your online business and choose the content that best suits you and your brand.

Of course, if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your blog or your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so. ?

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Cheer up and…

Add this type of content to your blog!


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