4 examples of good B2C content marketing practices for your business

Digital Marketing 12 November 2020

Content marketing is a concept that has undoubtedly revolutionized the strategies and modus operandi of all marketing professionals.

And above all, this has peaked with the new digital age.

As we have already advanced in our article on content marketing, it is based on creating different types of content in order to attract, acquire and retain a defined audience.

You may have noticed that this opens up a huge range of possibilities for us.

There are many strategies to get the attention of our target audience and eventually become customers.

And the spectrum gets bigger when you consider that strategies vary depending on whether we’re talking about B2B (business to business) marketing or B2C (business to consumer) marketing.

If you’re wondering what we mean by these rare acronyms, we recommend that you take a look at this article where we tell you everything about what they are and their biggest differences.

And if you’re clear, let’s get in trouble.

In today’s article we will show you 4 good examples of content marketing for B2C companies.

In other words, what content you can create so that end consumers (not companies) fall in love with your product or service, and choose you.

Here we go!

Example #1: Leroy Merlin

This well-known DIY brand has been able to adapt very well to the online environment and has a very good reputation.


Because it offers content that brings a lot of value to its target audience, and its website is a reference in the world of home renovations.

One of the best strategies you’ve ever done is to create a blog where you’re continually posting tips and guides on how to make reforms at home yourself.

This makes people see Leroy Merlin as a reference in DIY issues and come to him whenever they have doubts of this kind.

Obviously, in each article they mention some of their products (but in a subtle way and not very focused on the sale).

And you know, a blog has as its main function to be a gateway of users to your website, but it doesn’t have to be focused on getting a sale.

To do this, we will already have good product sheets written with copywriting (in the case of an e-commerce), where it will be released.

Leroy Merlin content marketing example
Blog de Leroy Merlin

Ana #2 Ivars example

Ana Ivars is a great reference in digital marketing and, above all, on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Both on her networks and on her website, Ana is always sharing value information and educating her audience.

This has made him create a great community with his followers.

Whenever you have any questions about FB and IG Ads, you know where you can go to fix it.

Two good practices that Ana carries out is, on the one hand, to reply to all messages in a personalized way on her social networks and blog. This makes the engagement even higher).

And on the other hand, it has created a totally free online course to get started in the world of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

In this course, explain the basics you need to know if you want to work with those tools.

This is a good hook for her to position herself as an authority in her field, and in addition, then users are more willing to buy her more advanced courses (already paid).

example content marketing ana ivars
Free beginner level course by Ana Ivars

Maybelline #3 (L’Oréal)

Another great example of good practices in terms of B2C content marketing.

In this case, the famous makeup brand has carried out a great display of content.

To highlight its makeup school for the most novice people in that field. In this way, potential customers of the brand are educated who do not yet know much about the issue and create authority among this audience.

It’s also important that your blog posts link to content they’ve created for YouTube.

In this way, they kill two birds with one stone: they have more views on YouTube and users spend more time in their blog post, which is equivalent to improving positioning on Google.

Maybelline content marketing example
Maybelline Educational Content Example

Example #4 Ma’der Tomasena

As a good reference for copywriting, Ma’der knows how to reach his target audience and get his attention.

One of your best content marketing initiatives is your Write to Sell podcast.

In it, Ma’der gives us a lot of advice on persuasive writing, in blogs, examples of copywriting, tricks to define your person buyer, etc.

In short: everything a person interested in selling more online may need.

With this podcast, Ma’der has positioned itself as one of the greatest references of Spanish-speaking copywriting, and people come to it to learn.

If later a person wants to dig deeper into the copy, then they have their paid courses. And you won’t have so much to pay for them because you already know the teacher and you know that your knowledge of the subject is good.

Without a doubt, a great way to attract potential customers.

example content marketing maider tomasena
Pordcast by Ma’der Tomasena

B2C Content Marketing: Endless Strategies to Attract Your Audience

Now you know some of the best practices to carry out in B2C companies.

If you need us to help you define your content marketing strategy, we will be happy to have a coffee with you and make you a proposal.

see you soon! ?


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