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Digital Marketing 20 November 2020

The SEO of your Prestashop is important for the success of your e-commerce but, do you know what to do to improve it?

We have the keys.

Before taking the step to SEO optimization of your Prestashop, you have to properly define some elements.

Some aspects such as optimal web home, web design, domain, keywords and good web positioning are necessary to attract more traffic to your online store and increase your sales.

Once you determine all these SEO-related keys, other more advanced aspects can be improved with which you will notice a clear improvement.

In this article, we will give you the indications to optimize the SEO of your Prestashop and be able to achieve all your goals.


8 keys to improving your Prestashop’s SEO

#1 Keep your online store’s homepage optimized

The first contact of our potential customers with the online store is on the homepage.

There it will be decided whether the user is still on the web or if they go to another one.

That’s why it’s essential to keep the home page optimized and make it attractive so that the lead is as long as possible.

The longer they are in e-commerce, themore possibilities to sell we will have.

To take care of the homepage you can offer relevant and quality information, an original web design, insert descriptive texts of the store’s products, optimize keywords and transmit values.

Remember that the main goal is for your potential customers to clearly differentiate your online store from others.

Example Limplas online store's homepage
Example Limplas online store’s homepage

#2 Update it constantly

If you want to improve the SEO of your Prestashop it is essential that your e-commerce is always updated.

If the content is always the same, potential customers will perceive monotony on your part and end up going to other online stores.

Mark an editorial calendar to update your e-commerce.

Improve those items where you find problems and optimize the best parts of your online store.

In addition, empower and prioritize those parts of your e-commerce with higher web traffic as that’s where more leads can become real customers.

#3 Reduce charging time

Users want it all at the moment, they don’t want to waste their time waiting for a page to display all of its content.

Therefore, it is essential that the charging time is as minimum as possible.

With a good page speed, the user will receive the information on the moment and stay longer in your e-commerce.

But with that fast loading speed you will not only please your customers, but also search engines like Google or Bing will better position your online store and, in this way, optimize the SEO of your Prestashop.

If you want to know more about the importance of Page Speed, check out this interesting article.

#4 Keep the ecommerce blog up to date

The blog is a tool to update your online store frequently with content related to your e-commerce that interests customers.

The blog is not your entire online store, but you must use it as an add-on to gain visibility.

By adding keywords and including relevant content, search engines will position you better and increase web traffic to your online store.

You should also not set aside the URLs to be short and descriptive with the title of the products in the domain.

Therefore, with good blog maintenance and simple URLs, you’ll improve your Prestashop’s SEO.

#5 Optimize titles, meta descriptions and headers

Titles, meta descriptions, and H1, H2, and H3 headers are vital for e-commerce.

They have a dual function:

The title is the main element of the web and has to be optimized including the keywords of the online store.

The meta description has to briefly and concisely express the services that the company offers or the description of what it sells.

For good SEO optimization, these meta descriptions need to combine the naturalness of a text with the inclusion of keywords that optimize web content.

Example of hydrotec's online store title, meta description, URL and keywords
Example of hydrotec’s online store title, meta description, URL and keywords

Care for and optimize H1, H2, and H3 headers with keywords to optimize e-commerce content, and order our sections and variety of products.

Examples of H1, H2 and H3 headers in Queen's online store
Examples of H1, H2 and H3 headers in Queen’s online store

In all these elements it is necessary to draft appropriately.

The role of copywriting has gained weight with the rise of e-commerce and, in this article,we show you why it is important to sell through your texts.

#6 Optimize product categories and descriptions

The online store must have a certain order.

Sets a category order for search engines to include in their result index.

With the use of keywords and relevant content, it adequately describes categories and products.

In this way, category and product descriptions will be enriched and you will provide useful information to your potential customers.

It also adds internal text, images, and internal links that redirect from one category to another to optimize content and gain internal traffic on the web.

Differentiate yourself from your competition by optimizing your content in a clear, original way and inciting users to stay in your online store.

#7 Improve images

The images you include in your online store are important because with them users will get to the idea of your e-commerce.

They have to be very good quality images.

Avoid general or many articles and concrete photographs with images specific to each category and product or service you offer.

Create images or optimize existing ones so potential customers are clear about what you’re offering and images don’t get out of their heads until they buy your products.

Also, remember to include a title and a concise description of each of the images with the keywords you want to position.

This way, search engines will position them and increase your web traffic.

#8 Choose a responsivedesign for your website

Today, more than 50% of the web traffic your online store receives is from a mobile device.

If you don’t have an adaptable web design, many users won’t be able to access your content and you’ll lose potential customers for your e-commerce.

For that reason, it is necessary a responsive design of your website to adapt to any type of device.

With this functionality, you will offer a good experience in your online store to users who access it and make it easier for them to know about you and to purchase your products or services.

Example responsive web design
Responsive web design

Optimize SEO: essential for your Prestashop

As you have seen, some concrete actions can improve the SEO of your Prestashop.

We hope these simple steps can help you optimize your online store.

Put that knowledge into practice and you will achieve the success of your Prestashop.

If you want us to help you make it possible, please contact us.

We offer expert advice and the possibility to make a budget without obligation.

At Kiwop, we have extensive experience in digital marketing and SEO optimization.

Contact us!


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