A guide to finding sources of inspiration and writing memorable articles

Digital Marketing 07 December 2020

All blogs start with motivation and enthusiasm.

But the reality is that 90% of them fail in less than a year.

The main reason is that the previously set objectives are not met and end up being monotonous to visitors.

It is often thought that having a blog is simple and that simply writing some articles will already receive hundreds of visits.

But it’s not like that.

Generating quality content is essential for the good development of your blog.

But we know it’s hard.

Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired and generate new ideas to create memorable items.

But don’t worry, because that’s what we’re here for. ?

From Kiwop, we show you 10 sources of inspiration for creating articles from your blog.


How to look for inspiration for the content of your blogs?

Publishing quality content is a great way to position your blog and website in search engines.

This way, you’ll gain greater online visibility and direct traffic to your Page.

But to do this, you need fresh ideas that your visitors like.

This way you’ll be able to keep your regular users and attract new ones to increase your blog community.

“What can I write about this time?”

It’s the typical question we ask ourselves before we write an article.

Here are the top 10 sources of inspiration to generate quality content in your blog articles.

1. Brainstorming

One of the most widely used sources of inspiration is so-called brainstorming.

Take a blank sheet and, without thinking about the details, start writing down all the ideas that come to mind that may be related to your project.

This way of inspiring you has no more.

Sit down and let ideas come out.

You can do it alone or with the help of others.

Of everything that comes out, there’s sure to be something you’ll want to enter into your blog content.

You can do auto-write. Write without thinking, without looking for logic to what you’re writing, jumping from one subject to another if that’s how it comes to mind.

It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t make sense, then read it and you’ll probably find something interesting to take advantage of.

You may start by writing inconsistencies and end up creating a memorable blog post.


2. Get off on ideas related to your keywords

Once you have defined the keywords according to your blog profile, you can generate new ideas based on the main ones.

To do this, you can use tools like Google Search Console, KWFinder or Ubersuggest, among others.

Analyze which keywords have the most traffic to your website.

Those that interest your visitors the most and spend the most time on the page.

Enter those keywords on the platforms mentioned above and you’ll get hundreds of suggestions.

For example, if you determine that one of your keywords is marketing, you’ll get related terms like digital marketing, offline marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, and so on.

This way, you’ll have ideas to build on to write your future articles.

3. Get out of previous content

Analyze which articles on your blog have had the most visits and which your users liked the most.

Depending on the conclusions you draw, develop content of that style to ensure the success of your blog.

Create articles based on the formats that work best.

You can also update, enhance and merge old writings giving them a new and special touch.

4. Listen to your audience

Your audience is essential to the good development of your blog.

Your readers, visitors, or users are the ones who keep your Page alive.

For that reason, you should consider them.

Read what they say about you, what they comment on social media or what worries them and want to know.

From their tastes and needs you can draw conclusions to create content in that direction.

5. Read everything you find

The idea you’re looking for may be just around the corner.

Therefore, we recommend that you read as much as you can.

Not just articles or news related to the scope of your blog, but all kinds of content you see.

Literary works or even moviescan help you catch new ideas.

It’s not about adapting the novel, it’s about you being inspired by them.

It will bring you new knowledge and you may be inspired to write an article on any topic from your blog.

You may be able to work more deeply on that topic you’re interested in or give it another approach.

You can also work your creativity by creating stories based on real events.

Read everything you find
Read everything you find

6. Make lists and rankings

If there is one type of content that users love, it’s lists and rankings.

Both formats are strategic articles widely used for the good performance they usually have.

Articles like: “Top 20…”, “You may be interested…” or “What can I do this…?”, they usually generate curiosity, interest and end up directing traffic to your blog.

Make lists and rankings about the preferences and tastes of your visitors and you will succeed with this type of content.

7. Comment on new trends

Commenting on new trends is an original format to inspire you in the content of your blog.

Ask yourself what’s going on in your industry, what’s going on in the world, what social phenomena are emerging, what fads they’re taking, and more.

Generate content related to new trends to pique the interest of your users.

Share your views on current changes, events and trends.

Thus, you will provide a very interesting personal and professional vision.

You can choose controversial topics that will provoke a strong emotional response and you will surely receive interaction from your audience.

You can look at the media to choose political, social, personal, moral, religious, ethical topics…

8. Share reflections

Another format to bring a personal point of view and give a special touch to your blog is to share reflections.

This idea is very useful, as your readers will feel you in the first person.

Reflect on current issues, market needs, more intimate thoughts, and more.

All this to connect with your audience and arouse your interest in continuing to know about you in future articles.

9. Expose your personal and professional experiences

Another widely used source of inspiration is to showcase your personal and professional experiences.

All readers or followers of a profile on a social network or blog like to know the experiences of the person they are reading to.

Count personal experiences you’ve experienced, professional anecdotes, interesting situations that have happened to you, and more.

Experiences that happen to you on a personal and professional level that are related to your company or your blog.

Thus, you will generate a hook and a special connection with your readers.

10. Invite another writer

Another source of inspiration for your blog content is inviting another writer.

Contact a popular expert or someone related to your business or blog.

Propose that you write an article on a topic that interests you and has a direct or indirect relationship with your professional profile. This is called guest post.

Collaborate together to complement you and generate added quality content.

In this way, you will be able to provide you with different visions within similar areas of action.

Visitors to both will meet the other and it is possible that a substantial part of their followers, from now on, will read to you as well.

Invite another writer
Invite another writer

Importance of new ideas for your blog content

Inspiration for writing is essential.

Even if it sometimes cost, good results end up coming out.

We hope you’ve been helped by these 10 good tricks to generate quality content for your blog.

To all these ideas do not hesitate to give the personal and original touch that characterizes your blog.

This way, you’re sure to increase your online visibility and direct more traffic to your website.

If you need help or want more advice on anything that concerns you, contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile.

We are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

What are you waiting for?

Make your blog succeed!


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