Everything you need to know about social media advertising

Digital Marketing 15 March 2022

Surely you have heard of advertising on social networks or more commonly known as Social Ads.

This type of advertising can help you a lot in your marketing strategy and can be very profitable. The reach of social networks is increasing, and although there are some that are not as fashionable as others, their potential is still very large.

If you want to know everything about advertising with Social Ads, stay with us to read this article.

What is social media advertising?

Advertising on social networks or Social Ads is, basically, showing ads within social networks in exchange for paying.

Unlike SEM, which displays ads in search engines or on the internet in general, Social Ads ads are displayed on social networks, and each platform has its own ways of advertising.

Drawing boy looking at social networks
Social networks have millions of users

Normally, social media advertising spends the budget with the CPC (Cost Per Click), or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), spending only when the user clicks on the ad.

Advertising platforms in social media

Facebook Ads

It is still the social network par excellence and very popular, so its reach is still immense.

Facebook has a platform for its advertising with many possibilities, Facebook Business, which allows you to shape your campaign in the way that suits you best.

Instagram Ads

This social network, increasingly used by more people, is from Facebook, and they share a platform (Facebook Business), so it allows you to manage, if you wish, campaigns for both networks at the same time from the same platform.

Instagram is a perfect network to make a brand.

Twitter Ads

Although Twitter is no longer what it was, it is still a huge social network.

We could say that it is a more specific network for text. Even so, its option for Ads is very interesting and can give a lot of visibility.

Icons social media watercolor
Each social network has its own purpose

Youtube Ads

The most popular video platform, it is a great option where to put your video ads and be able to have a great reach. There are different types of video ads within Youtube.

Skippable ads after 5 seconds, non-skippable ads of 15 or 20 seconds, non-skippable bumper ads of maximum 6 seconds, and ads overlaid with images or text displayed at the bottom of the video.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is no longer used as much and also the ads within the platform are not well known, so there is not much competition and it can be a plus point.

Pinterest Ads

A perfect network for specific topics such as cooking, art or fashion.

Linkedin Ads

The widest network of professionals is perfect if you have a B2B business to promote it within this platform.

Each social network is used to communicate differently, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

If you are considering creating campaigns on any of these platforms, in Kiwop, we are experts in Social Ads and SEM.

Advantages of using advertising in social media

One of the biggest advantages of social media advertising is the budget. With a smaller budget than you can invest, for example in Google Ads, you can achieve greater reach.

They get a great reach with little investment and quickly.

Social networks have millions of users, which makes their reach huge. In addition, their segmentation can be very precise for all the information they have.

Whatever your budget, with social media advertising you can control very well what you invest.

You have all kinds of formats to show your creatives, with the format that suits you best.

Small drawing analyzing data
Social networks provide you with data immediately

The analytical information provided by these platforms is very large and detailed. You’ll have real-time data to improve your ROI.

Sounds good, right?

Start using Social Ads

We hope our little guide to social media advertising has helped you.

Now you know everything you need!

And if you have doubts, you can always consult us.

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