The Definitive Guide to Google Ads

SEO and SEM 11 August 2021

Companies want sales, sales can be achieved with a website with many visits, those visits, can be achieved more quickly with search advertising. For that you need: Google Ads.

If you’re willing to invest some money in order to receive more impressions and more clicks, this is the article you need to read.

Read on and we’ll explain. ?

What is Google Ads

You can have the most beautiful online store with the best products in the world, but you will need people to know that you exist, visit you and see you.

You can work the visibility in Google with SEO, go optimizing and doing ant work, which will give great results in the long term.

But if, for example, you have to do the launch of a product, or… well, in general you need fast and effective visibility, it will have to be paid.

At the beginning of our millennium, is when Google Adwords was born, which they later shortened to Google Ads.

google ads online advertising
Google Ads is: online advertising

Google platform, by which, explained in broad strokes: you pay to go out in the first results for when a user performs a search, you are there.

Of course, the “advertisement” sign will come out so that the user knows which company is the one that has paid and which ones have not.

By paying to come out in the top positions, you ensure a visibility that with SEO you have to earn little by little.

Let’s see, don’t get us wrong, we’re not banishing SEO, in fact, they should normally be combined. We’re just saying that with the SEM you go faster, if that’s what you need, but uh, it’s also more expensive. You decide.

What is Google Ads for?

Well, we’ve told you a few times, but we repeat it to you: to get out at the top of a search for a user, you make sure, more or less.

In addition, some advantages of using this Google tool is that you can segment very well.

But we will explain it with a practical example, imagine that you have an aesthetic center in Barcelona for which you have a website where you can make reservations of appointments online.

First, you’ll do a keyword study to see which ones fit your business and which ones will search the most and impact clicks. For this you can use SemRush, we leave you our previous article that will help you to use it.

We will choose the keywords, imagine: esthetician Barcelona, make your nails in Bareclona, hair removal Barcelona, etc.

google ads search advertising
The user will do Google searches with a keyword, and you’ll decide to be up there or not

And then you can segment the ads, in addition, only to people who live in Barcelona, only to women, or only to people who are interested in the subject, etc. You can also choose the times of the day you want to promote it, maybe people will look more for your services at 4 pm.

The power of targeting is wonderful, because you’ll be targeting your ads to people who most likely like what you do and will most likely visit your website.

Search ads will not only be able to come out on top, but also on the right, even advertising on YouTube. We’ll tell you later.

Information you need to know if you’re going to use Google Ads

Here we are going to tell you some important things that you should know if you have an online business, or a website, that you want to promote with Google Ads, will help you.

1. The cost of advertising

One of the good things about using Ads is that you’ll only pay if the user clicks. You will pay CPC (cost per click).

That is determined by the keyword, it depends on the volume of searches you have and the competition you have when bidding for it.

Normally a keyword is between 1 and 2 euros per click, but normally, a keyword, if you have a lot of competition, can up to 60 euros quietly.

google ads cpc ppc
It can also be called PPC: Pay per click

How does the campaign work?

You indicate what your budget is for the campaign, for example, 50€. The campaign bids with the keyword “esthetician Barcelona”, which, according to SemRush, is 0’23€ from CPC.

The campaign will end when users have made 217 clicks: 50/0,27.

2. Factors in the auction

We have some bad news, not only the money will be important for the bid (obviously, if you pay more than others you have many possibilities).

So will other factors such as quality and relevance.

The quality will be scored depending on the user experience when browsing your website.

And the relevance is how related the keywords and your ad are to the landing page to which it directs.

3. Types of ads advertising

You have different types of advertising that you can hire in Google Ads:

Now you can create ads for Google Ads

You can no longer say you don’t know what Google Ads is, or CPC, or search ads… Now you know everything.

You know how it works and what types of ads you can create from this tool.

If you need visibility and quick results, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, you can do great things on a small budget.

The truth is that we have left some things about Google Ads in the inkwell, if you are interested, we can make another article later, what do you tell us?

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Now you can gain more visibility with Google Ads! ?


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