Why is it worth investing in copywriting

Digital Marketing 13 April 2021

Do you want to make your texts connect with your prospects and get to sell more?

Use copy to connect with your potential customers
You’ll be able to connect with your potential customers

Yes? Well, stay and read this article, ?

What is copywriting

First, copywriting is not about informing or entertaining.

What a copywriter wants is to get you excited and connect with you to finally sell you something.

A good copywriter will help you sell more
A good copywriter will help you increase sales

It always seeks, persuasively, that the user ends up performing an action that would previously have been defined as a target in the digital marketing strategy.

Taking into account at all times the personality of the brand, and what profit the customer will be able to take from the product that it is selling.

In addition, the message will have to stand out among all the options that the user will have on the Internet.

What copywriting is for

If your company’s copywriter does well, it will make your products or services much more interesting.

We told you in the article of optimization of the corporate website, and that is that having the website beautiful and well-designed, is not everything.

It takes some good copy texts to sell, copywriting is what will help you convert.

Conversion may be the action that you define previously, but it is usually: reach the sale.

increase your sales with copywriting
You’ll be able to profit from copywriting

One of the myths we explained to you in this other article was that digital marketing is often thought to be a useless expense.

But no, it’s never a useless expense, the mistake might be that it was wrongly raised. And an investment in a good copywriter will always be welcome if you want to sell more.

Another thing to add: a copywriter is not a content creator, although sometimes terms are confused.

The copy manager has to get conversions and leads.

Benefits worth investing in copywriting for

What if it’s worth it? We say: YES.

And it’s worth it for a few reasons:

Better communication with the audience

With your texts, customers and potential customers will feel more linked to you.

Because in addition, the message must be clear and transmitting the personality of the brand.

Increases conversion rate

And it also increases the opening rate of mailing.

Because the good copy will already be directly in the concept of mail, and as it will be persuasive, it will make more people open it.

In addition to the action you would have marked as a conversion, it will also be triggered.

You'll increase conversions with copywriting
Your conversions will go off

Sales grow

Obviously, it is the main objective of investing in hiring a good copywriter.

What is intended is that with the persuasive method of writing the user will go towards conversion, and to be, towards sale.

Call to Action, also called CTAs, such as “BOOK NOW”, help a lot.

Loyalty to customers

Thanks to applying neuromarketing techniques to your texts, as we have already told you, you will connect emotionally with the potential client and manage to retain them.

In this article, we leave you tips on how to sell thanks to neuromarketing.

Increases engagement

Your social networks will also be affected (positively).

Since thanks to the good copy, your networks will have personality and interactions with them will also increase.

Boost SEO

We’ve spent the whole article talking about having to connect emotionally with the user.

But also thanks to the copy, we will improve the positioning in the search engines, we have to connect with Google as well. ?

Examples of good copys

One of the examples of websites applying the good copy is: Hidrotec.

Hidrotec copy example
Hidrotec copy example

We can observe the clear CTA of “Contact Us”.

Or this one from Bound4Blue,in which it is reflected that it is showing you the benefits that it can bring you to purchase its products or services.

Bound4Blue copy example
Bound4Blue copy example

Invest in copywriting, it can only go well

At first, we wondered if it’s really worth investing in copywriter, we say yes.

And we’ve shown you the benefits it’s going to bring you.

You know, a pretty website alone isn’t going to do anything, it’s not going to sell you.

And if you want to invest well, hire Kiwop, because we’re copy experts, and we’ll make your sales increase.

Contact us to ask us about copywriting without any commitment.

You can also follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Don’t think about it anymore, invest to win. ?


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