Myths and truths about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 09 April 2021

There are many people who think that by knowing a little of computing and knowing how to handle Facebook and Instagram, you already know all about digital marketing.

For starters, that’s already the first myth about this concept, its own definition.

Digital marketing is all that action that is performed with the aim of advertising in the online world, and not necessarily on one of those 2 social networks, has many more branches and concepts intertwined.

Digital marketing myths
Let’s know digital marketing myths

Some concepts included in this marketing:

But what exactly is digital marketing for?

One of the main advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that it allows you to get to know your target audience so well that you can segment and customize communication strategies.

It also serves to measure all the parameters set in the goals you set before planning the strategy, and you can measure them even in real time.

Another of its utilities is interaction, with digital marketing you can have conversations with your customers 24/7.

With online marketing, you give visibility to your brand or business.

It’s not just being on the Internet, users have to take the step of choosing from all the options they have, and for that you will use all the tools provided by this type of marketing.

digital marketing for online business
Your brand has to be visible on the Internet

If you have a 100% online business, you can get much more out of what I told you before, and in addition to certain advantages:

Advantages of using it in online business

Since you can instantly measure the whole strategy, you can easily change your tactics to improve your results.

If your business is able to adapt quickly to changes it will have a lot of livestock, it is a matter of flexibility and go fail-proof.

Advantages of digital marketing for an online business
Plan a digital marketing strategy for your online business

Of course, run an online business and obviously, as a result, digital marketing, is much cheaper than using traditional methods.

With online advertising, you can create branding and a community. Always taking into account that a credible message must be communicated and that it matches the values of the company.

And finally, you’re always there. With the Internet you can be everywhere and at all hours, like God. ?

That’s why it’s important to be dynamic and consistent.

Myths and truths about digital marketing

Often, in an environment as changing as the online world and marketing, false myths often appear.

They say digital marketing is for online business only

You often tend to think that Internet marketing is only for businesses that can be hired on the same Internet.

But if you think that, you’re wrong: it’s suitable for all kinds of business. Whether you are a physical or online company, a B2C or a B2B.

Everyone can take advantage of the visibility of this type of advertising.

Negative comments hurt business

You don’t have to try to hide them, so they don’t be seen by future customers.

What needs to be done is to answer them professionally and be seen by everyone, thus increasing the credibility and confidence of the people who have been affected and the people who read the comment.

SEO is thought to be static

You prepare everything, and you forget.

Mmmmmh… ? NO!

Search engines like Google change indexing criteria and how they evaluate web pages.

That’s why you have to always be on top of it by analyzing progress every day, and detecting areas of improvement.

So: SEO is dynamic.

SEO for Google in your digital marketing
Use SEO techniques to position yourself better on Google

“My nephew can play Community Manager”

Unless your nephew’s an expert, no, he can’t.

You may think that a young person who manages their social networks can already be a CM expert. Well, that’s a lie, no one can.

Yes, you have to be on social media for your digital marketing strategy.

But they’ll have to be taken by someone who understands the subject, someone professional.

To convey your brand identity message, know your customers or know how to know them and then send them the most segmented and personalized message.

That way, users will be loyal.

Having a lot of followers means success for your business


You can have a million followers, but if they don’t listen to you… ?

You have to create quality and engaging content for your audience, so that they feel connected to your brand and in that way generate engagement, which is what really matters.

Use social media to succeed in your digital marketing
Having followers doesn’t mean success

Digital marketing is a futile expense

Businesses more rooted in traditions tend to think that if your business works half well, why get on the Internet?

They see it as an out-of-place expense.

It may also be because at some point they have already tried it, and have seen that it does not carry results.

If the latter happens, it may be because the online marketing strategy was not well-defined. In this article, we tell you a little how to define a good content strategy.

In short, you’ll need to set your goals well to plan your strategy according to them, so you can measure whether they’ve been met.

Stop presuppose and develop your digital marketing strategy

They are all benefits and advantages.

It doesn’t matter who you’re going to, and what kind of business you have.

If you raise your strategy well, and effectively you will be able to achieve success.

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Come on, start with digital marketing and realize what a myth is! ?


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