Neuromarketing: what it is and how to apply it

Digital Marketing 11 May 2020

Do you know what neuromarketing is and how it works? Since NeuroMarketing has reached the world of companies,more and more professionals and businesses have it in mind within their Digital Marketing strategies.

Buying behavior has an emotional motivation, but in many cases, decision-making when buying is unconscious. This is where NeuroMarketing can help brands sell more products and services. When deciding between two products, a potential customer decides to buy one and not the other, what has the company that sold their product?

what neuromarketing is and how it applies

Because decision processes are not always rational and run unconsciously, NeuroMarketing tries to get your product information into the potential customers’ unconsciousness.

In addition to defining what neuromarketing is,in this article we will discuss what it is for and how to apply it.

What is Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is a science that studies buying or consumer behavior, and the decisions customers make in different products, services and brands.

Neuromarketing involves analyzing and studying basic mental processes such as attention, perception and memory. Neuroscience is applied in the field of marketing to try to find out how the brains of consumers work and what areas should be activated to encourage them to buy.

To analyze the study of consumer behavior, neuroscientific techniques are used to obtain data on a person’s consumption behavior and habits. Thanks to these techniques we can know, among other things, that almost 69 of the purchasing decisions are unconscious and respond to basic impulses of our brain.

Neuromarketing as a selling tool

Neuromarketing has become one of the most powerful selling tools to help companies sell their products and services effectively, through a deeper understanding of how to reach their customers and try to influence the decisions they make unconsciously.

Neuromarketing to sell more
Neuromarketing to sell more

Knowing how our brain works and how we behave in certain situations can help companies during decisions regarding Marketing strategies and also during all phases of product or service development.

What Neuromarketing is for

Neuromarketing has a strong impact on the online world thanks to the availability of instruments that we have access to today.

Generally speaking, neuromarketing is used to:

Neuromarketing focuses your efforts on how the customer decides before, during and after the purchase.

The application of neuromarketing can be implemented in all aspects of marketing, communication and sales strategies.

The most common are:

Neuromarketing metrics

Neuromarketing studies are based on the analysis of unconscious behaviors in the face of the perception of different stimuli.

We can use different metrics that respond to defined needs, for this it is essential to be clear the objectives of the study.

Depending on the objectives, the experimental protocol is designed:

Emotional indicators

Cognitive indicators

Visual behavior

neuromarketing metrics
Neuromarketing metrics

How to apply neuromarketing in your online business

Below we will delve into what neuromarketing experts advise, and how to apply neuromarketing on your website or online store.

A/B test to collect data

A/B testing consists of testing two variants of marketing elements or elements of your website and online store, and then compare how it works and draw conclusions.

Bart Schutz believes that the Internet is the largest laboratory in the world, every day millions of studies and A/B tests are done on eCommerce and websites.

Minimal differences (small shades in the color, shape, or font of a buy button) can become very significant losses or gains.

Eye trackingin neuromarketing

Eye tracking is about following the eye movement patterns of consumers involved in a study, so you can gain insights into your relationship with advertising and products.

Eye tracking devices are lightweight and portable and allow study participants to wear them in all kinds of situations (while watching TV advertising or visiting a website).

Measuring cognitive load

This technique consists of measuring the cognitive load when performing a task, that is, the effort generated by a task to be performed within the environment we are studying, for example while a study participant browses a certain website.

With this source of information we would have a very complete idea of how the participant is perceived our digital environment and the complexity and difficulty of browsing or completing a task in it.

Content marketing

Both to generate engagement and to improve the Inbound Marketing of our business, content marketing is essential, in addition to benefiting SEO and the quality of organic traffic, it is a very effective tool to generate impulses in users and measure their results.

Content should be written given what drives potential users to read and continue reading. And it’s not just about the topic and the quality of the content, you have to write thinking about the motivation of the targetaudience.

Google, the most important search engine, better positions short content that is more useful to users, than those long content where the bounce rate and abandonment rate is higher.

Adapting content to an improvement in the user experience is to improve the experience we transmit as a brand.


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