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Web Design and Development 30 April 2020

If you need to create a website or renovate your current website, and you have decided to put this important web design task in the hands of a specialized web design and development agency, you may be wondering, how to find the best agency, the one that best suits you. adjust to my needs?

Generally, the first step is to search the Internet and also ask friends and trusted coworkers for recommendations, after which you will end up making a list of a few web design agencies that meet your basic criteria.

Later you will have to contact them, request proposals and budgets, compare the various options and select the one that best suits the needs of your business.

choose the best web design agency
web design agency

In this article we want to help you evaluate the web design agencies on your list so that it is easier for you to select the best one.

Choosing a web design agency: First phase in choosing

During this initial phase, you may already be able to reduce the number of candidate web design agencieson your list. Let’s see why.

The first contact

During the first contact with the agency, you must convey your web design expectations for the site and detail your goals. For its part, the web design agency must ask you many questions and offer you solutions. Therefore, during this initial conversation, you will have the opportunity to communicate to the agency what your needs and they are, to propose their services and at the same time explain how they can help you achieve your objectives and satisfy your needs.

Your first contact with potential web design agencies is very important, since you will be able to get an initial idea of the energy they transmit and that they can contribute to your project. Establish communication with the web design agencies on your list through various means (email, telephone, etc.) and ask as many questions as possible.

The first selection

Based on the initial contact with each web design agency, score each for each of the following criteria:

If you consider that one of these web design agencies does not obtain a good score in any of the previous points, proceed to discard it. Effective communication is critical to every project, and if communications fail during the initial phase of a selection process, it is a warning that they would likely continue to fail throughout the project.

Choosing a web design agency: Second phase

web design agency
Choosing the best web development agency

Request a web designproposal

Request proposals for your web project from the remaining web design agencies and be sure to indicate any specific requirements you need them to add to the proposal. Include your contact information for tracking details.

Make available any information that web design agencies need to prepare the proposal. You must offer the same information to all the candidate agencies and answer all their questions so that they can prepare the web design proposal with precision.

Request references, success stories and work samples in web design

As the candidate web design agencies prepare their proposals, ask them to include references, success stories, and work samples. You should check the references to find information about your possible web design agency. Experience, reputation and success stories are essential and you must take them into account in your decision.

Ask for a diversified portfolio that allows you to know more about their previous work so that you can compare and contrast results. The web design agency must demonstrate that it has the experience to achieve the specific objectives of your company.

Any web design agency with a solid reputation should be able to answer this request.

Rate each web design agency on their portfolios and references to proceed with your selection.

Evaluation of the proposals of each web design agency and prices

Every web design agency must provide a clear web strategy. A good strategy will give your business a strong sense of authority, relevance and confidence. The best web design agencies among your list of candidates must give high importance to the converting website visitors to leads or customers, by SEO on the website from the grassroots, to the usability, quality in contents to be able to apply later Inbound Marketing on the website, design responsive o mobile first, and the performance of the web WPO.

Web design strategy

The best web design agencywill guarantee your assistance in your analytical report and will make sure that your website helps you achieve the goals set.

Right now, evaluating the costs vs. quality offered by the candidate web design agencies is crucial. The project budget is definitely a relevant factor when selecting the best web design agency.

The phrase “you get what you pay for” fits into the world of development and web design. If you start reducing costs to reduce project investment and go for the cheapest agency, in the long term you may not get quality results, nor will you achieve the objectives planned in phase one.

Choosing a web design agency: Third phase.

In the previous phases you will have discarded several of your candidates. Then you must proceed to select the web design agency that will be in charge of your project.

The final selection

Below we present the most important factors in the final choice:

As in all selections, making a final decision regarding a web design company requires work, but it is essential to achieve the project’s objectives.

At Kiwop we are experts in web design and development and we have the basis to earn your trust. Contact us if you need a web design proposal without any compromise.


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