Lovemarks and why you should turn yours into one

Digital Marketing 07 March 2022

Lovemark is a marketing concept used to generate a level of trust and commitment to a brand’s customers.

Thus, one of the main ambitions of a brand is to make the consumer fall in love.

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What is a lovemark?

The first thing to be clear about is that a lovemark refers to the ability of a brand to attract and fall in love with its target audience.

In other words, it is about creating brand image to hook the consumer and build loyalty through techniques that touch their emotional side.


What is the lovemark concept?

The lovemark concept was defined by Kevin Roberts and is based on a marketing strategy where there is a union between love and brand.

In other words, it is about creating a brand image that has managed to position itself as the first choice of its target audience. Thanks to the generation of emotional bonds.

According to Kevin Roberts, the link between a brand and the consumer can reach the level of infatuation if the brand manages to develop three points:


This is summed up in the fact that a brand is sensual when it has the ability to stimulate each of our senses.


This concept of intimacy, in the world of lovemarks refers to the fact that brands are able to have an intimate relationship with customers.

This means that in the relationship of the consumer and the brand, commitment, passion and empathy will be the bases that sustain it.


The link of mystery with brands refers to the fact that they always generate expectations in their consumers. In other words, it’s about generating an unexpected emotion when getting to know your product.

We can achieve this action in different ways. One of them is to generate curiosity and expectations about the product that the brand can take out.

Another way to achieve this, and that gives you brand attributes is to tell stories that make the imagination of customers fly so that they are seen in different scenarios and that these are directly related to the brand.

So, with these three elements we will get our brand to make consumers get carried away by the charm and fall deeply in love with your brand attributes.

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Why is it important to turn your brand into a lovemark?

Getting to turn your brand into a lovemark is important because, thus, your brand will generate a high level of engagement from your customers. In addition, it will also generate a high level of commitment from them to the attributes of the brand.

In this way you will make your client end up putting their loyalty to the brand above their rationality.

By this we mean that, if you get your brand image to reach this level, you will have the advantage that your consumer will move more for his love of the brand than for reason.

Thus, your customer will not give importance to the cost of the product, and this will take a back seat, because they will focus on wanting to acquire your product.

purchase product

How to get a lovemark?

To make your brand become a lovemark it is essential that you take into account the following aspects:

Focus on a niche market

By this we mean that you locate your brand image by looking at a group of consumers that has been little served by your competition and offer them a product that seems incredible.

niche market

Aim for emotion and not reason

That is, it manages to move the emotions of people who are looking for a product or a service that may interest them through your ads and marketing campaigns. If you succeed, they will most likely decide to buy your brand.

If you manage to capture the attention of new customers through empathy, you will end up generating brand attributes that will generate a link between your brand and the customer that will end up succumbing to the emotions that your brand generates.

Keep your customers curious

In this way, every time you go to launch a campaign, do not tell everything, arouse curiosity and expectation of what you are going to launch to the market.

Thus, you will ensure that your customers are always attentive to your new launches and you will generate a brand image.

Turn your brand into a lovemark

We hope you found our tips helpful in taking your brand to the next level.

Now it’s your turn.

If you have any questions about it or need help do not hesitate.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead and get the potential out of your brand.


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