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Digital Marketing 02 March 2021

B2C stands for Business to Consumer.

They are the set of strategies developed by a company that is dedicated to selling to the final consumer.

There are countless examples for this type of business, without going any further we can see the Queen’s online store, which is aimed at the end customer buying their clothing products.

Example of Queen's, an online store, to record that it is the B2C.
Queen’s online store, B2C example

In B2C marketing, the message will focus on appealing to consumer excitement and desire.

To achieve good results in a B2C business, it is important to consider a number of factors:

But not only does the B2C exist, we also have the B2B

We will also explain what the B2B is, to put you in context.

The B2B stands for Business to Business.

An example of B2B would be Limplas which it markets with wholesale packaging and cleaning products:

Example of B2B. Limplas.
Limplas: a company that markets with cleaning products and plastic packaging

There are clear differences between B2B and B2C,as they do not focus on the same type of client and the strategies to be developed would be different.


  • Look for fast and instant results
  • The quick and effective sale is sought, for example by helping the technique of discounts
  • Advertising is more massive
  • More customers, but with less purchase
  • Wants to awaken the final consumer’s desire to buy


  • Their goals are set in the long term
  • The sale process is longer, as the purchase decision is thought to be more
  • Advertising is customized
  • Fewer customers, but who contribute more purchases
  • Strategies focus on product characteristics

It can also be said that a company can be both B2B and B2C.

Although in this article, we focus mainly on the B2C, and we want to tell you the advantages that such a business will provide you:

Fast and comfortable sale

As the end customer is your buyer, everything will be faster and more comfortable.

Since as recorded in the differences with the B2B, the end customer does not have as premeditated the purchase.

Make sure you make it easy for him, too. Make the consumer’s journey as smooth as possible.

It’s cheaper

The fixed costs of having a B2C business will be cheaper.

Why? Because you’ll be able to hire fewer employees, you’ll have less taxes, etc.

Updated prices

You’ll handle the price you want to impose on him.

You won’t be as tied up as if you were an intermediary, you buy at a price, and you have to adjust so that the retailer buys you too.

Even in the B2B world it is integrated into culture to be able to negotiate the price. That in B2C doesn’t usually happen.

Business control

When you own a business for the end customer, you have more control over how it’s working, as you make direct sales and see face-to-face if everything goes sternly at full sail.

Image depicting an online store, example of b2c

Now that you know the advantages of selling to the end customer and know how to achieve good results, it’s time to set yourself a marketing strategy.

One day, looking at social media, we found a “meme” that marked us when it came to defining marketing, saying something like:

“Having a business without marketing is like trying to flirt in a nightclub by winking at the light that’s totally off.”

Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear marketing strategy, to boost your business, position yourself better in the mind of the consumer, and above all, help improve your sales.

Turn on the disco light. ?

Examples of marketing strategies for B2C

1. Points of Sale

This strategy is in the event that your product is sold at physical points of purchase.

The exact point where your product is located is very important, as more than half of customers make their decision at that time.

Example of product position in a supermarket.

2. Word of mouth

WOM. It means word of mouth.

Speaking from our own experience, you always trust your brother or friend tells you.

If someone you trust tells you that he bought in such a place and did super well, you’ll go too, or just to prove that good experience he’s had.

In this type of strategy, it is also worth talking about The Law of the 6 degrees of separation. This law talks about anyone being connected to anyone else with only a chain of 6 people.

In conclusion: we will have to do very well for the voice to expand everywhere positively for our business.

An example of the law of 6 degrees of separation, the image shows how we are all connected.
We’re all connected

3. Advertising in traditional mass media

This strategy will depend a lot on your budget. Since advertising on tv, radio, newspapers, etc., it can be expensive.

It will also depend on how many people you want to reach. If your business focuses on a specific niche market, you may not be worth announcing massively.

4. Online marketing

Digital advertising is growing every day, and it is already unthinkable not to be present on the Internet.

But within online marketing, you’ll find different types of strategies:

4.1. Selling online

Or better known as e-commerce. It is the point of sale but online.

It is about having a portfolio of products on our website, where your end customer can easily buy without getting up from the couch.

4.2. Mailing

Developing a mailing strategy will be key to “chasing” the client along the funnel.

4.3. Paid advertising

There are 2 types:

4.4. Social media

Currently, the nearest channel to connect to the user.

You can maintain direct communication, giving them value with your posts.

We have a related article, in which if you want more advice on how to persuade on social networks, you can access it.

Social media icons.
Social media

It is important to note that in social media you can also develop affiliate marketing.

You must have heard of youtubers. A brand hires a person with a certain reputation and authority to get their product to more people. In return they receive commissions, an amount of money agreed, products.

Many consumers of these influencers consider, for example, El Rubius, their friend. If the advertising is done to them, they will perceive it more friendly.

5. Convergence between offline and online

The most sensible thing today is to have a marketing strategy that combines the offline and the online, in this way you extract the advantages of both.

You will manage to reach more people, increase your notoriety, and you will also be able to maintain a fluid and close communication with the client.

There is the possibility to create a storytelling, where you build a narrative thread on which your communication strategy will be based. With multi-channel marketing, build that story across all platforms.

In this way, we would encompass everything.

Now you know everything, you only have to apply it!

If you want more examples about each type of business, here you will find them.

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And if you are ambitious and want more help with your business, you can contact us without any problem.

Let’s go!

Apply marketing and boost your B2C business! ?


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