Everything you need to know about branding

Digital Marketing 17 November 2021

The concept of “branding” is something that has been growing for quite some time.

But do we really know what it refers to?

Branding and marketing go hand in hand

If you want to find out, stay and take some notes.

What is branding?

Branding is something closer to a brand philosophy and an approach to getting the job done, than a strategy.

It is the management of EVERYTHING related to identity, and what is intended is to build a coherent, differentiated brand experience that lasts over time.

Inside, we have the construction, growth, maturation and management of a brand.

So, it’s not just for a project, for the logo, or for the point of sale.

It is how everything will be done from the beginning to the end, with a series of values marked, and with the manual next to it if necessary.

If marketing moves in the “physical” environment and on a product, branding belongs more to the world of ideas, and refers to the whole brand.

Apart from the one we have explained, corporate branding, there is also personal branding.

It is quite recent as a concept, but it has always been present.

It is basically about working that trail that you leave when interacting with others, so that you differentiate yourself from others, identify yourself, etc.

It is applied above all in the most digital environment.

It is important to take care of everything we publish on the Internet

The importance of branding

We know that the brand is what differentiates us from the competition (which is sometimes a lot).

So, if branding helps us precisely to build a unique brand that lasts over time, it is definitely important.

If we apply good branding, we will obtain recognition and positioning within the market, so that they choose us before.

And not only that!

With how complicated it has become to impact our audience with traditional techniques, it is now time for branding.

Most brands can get good product or service qualities, so it’s the emotional value that really makes the difference.

We introduce you as a result of this the term Lovemark, which refers precisely to the emotional relationship with consumers, but of the brand, not of the product.

You have to get links and relationships.

And that’s where branding comes in.

Benefits of branding

Branding gives us certain advantages at various levels. To say that it is the pillar to build a TOP brand is an understatement.

6 tips to get the most out of it

To create a good branding, it is necessary to follow a series of steps or take a few things into account when getting to it.

1. Define your goal

You can’t just create a brand, period. Before, you need to know where you want to go with it.

What audience are we targeting? What can we offer them?

Ask yourself some questions and answer them, until you consider that you have it clear.

Asking yourself questions is an effective method of setting goals

2. Create an identity

The identity of your brand is the main differentiating element you have. Values and ideals can be linked to them.

What you have to achieve is that they fall in love with it, not only for the products but for all the philosophy that is transmitted.

3. Achieve authenticity

To achieve this, the easiest thing is to always be honest with your audience.

When things are done wrong, you have to admit it, and when they are done well, you can celebrate it.
You have to be close, and never lie to the public: this way you will earn their trust.

4. Build a community

Nowadays, unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to reach consumers. Messages through advertising no longer arrive the same.

For this it is important to see consumers as people, not just as numbers.

It’s important to analyze the extent to which your audience is involved with you. Feedback and communication between them is important.

Word of mouth does a lot, so you have to analyze how users behave among themselves.

5. Choose well where do you want to be

It is important that at the beginning we decide carefully where we want our brand to be seen, since that is also image.

It is interesting to analyze where our market is, and move around the same places as our target.

For example, in which social networks they move.

6. Analyze often

The analysis does not only have to be done at the beginning.

We must watch if with the passage of time we have not deviated from our goal, and if we remain linked to the values we want.

It is also possible that due to the development, we have to rethink which audience we are targeting.

Maybe we can broaden our horizons, or on the contrary become more concrete.

Throw yourself with branding

Now you know some important things about branding.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Go ahead… Start doing your own branding!


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