Digital Marketing 11 December 2019

Video content is the perfect opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Did you know that more than 55% of shoppers that buy products online, watch product videos before making a decision?

Video content allows for any kind of brand to use them. They are useful for B2C and B2B, even complex solutions can be explained easily through the use of visuals and audio. Hence video content allows most type of businesses to help consumers choose during their purchase process:

#1. You can show your product applications in detail and teach its correct use so that users can make the best out of it:

Through a product video you can show your potential customers how your product or service works. They will be able to see what you offer in action and learn the benefits.

Explainer videos can make online shopping have the realism of the retail experience, allowing customers to become closer and personal with what they are interested in buying.

Overall, product videos give your brand a great opportunity to explain briefly and concisely what your product or service is about.

#2. You can solve your customers doubts.

While making a purchase decision people have lots of questions and doubts. Explainer videos allow your business to answer your potential customers’ questions before they even ask.

If you want to give a direct approach to common concerns about your product, you need to find out as accurately as possible what are the questions or doubts your leads tend to have in the buying process in order to create a FAQ video answering them all (how to set up or use a specific product or product features, or how to update an old product, etc.)

#3. Build a relationship of trust between your customer and your brand

Customer trust is a key component in any marketing strategy and videos are one of the most effective ways to build it.

Any brand can put up a website, but creating video content on a regular basis takes time and effort. Video quality is an important factor that will shape your customer’s opinions of your brand, building trust and turning your audience into loyal customers.   

Carefully designed video scenes and high-quality production tells a lot about the standards your brand holds to. Good videos have the power to tell your story and the type of qualities your business values.

Creating quality videos does’t mean guaranteeing customer trust, but they are indeed an excellent way to relay the value in your business.

Video makes a huge part of your overall messaging so whatever approach you choose, align your videos with how your brand wants to position itself.

Types of videos that consumers trust:

Social proof is an efficient way to get potential customers to trust your business, hence videos showing real customers endorsing brands has become a powerful tool with incredible results.

The same way, product reviews are excellent at giving potential customers a look at how your product works in the hands of others. We have all watched video product reviews and know how effective a positive one can be.

Create a video that shows exactly the kind of value your product or service brings to provide potential customers a closer look at how your product works.

Additionally, share the reason why you do the products you do on your videos (especially if there’s a noble cause behind the business) because its an excellent way of cultivating trust.

Create short and straightforward videos that focus on providing useful information to potential customers. Produce simple Q&A’s and how-to videos that inform, educate, and empowers.

Give your potential customers a behind-the-scenes look in order to transmit a sense of authenticity and build trust.

You can give them behind-the-scenes access to a product launch, or a look at the work that is done at your offices, introducing your business to your customers on a more personal level.


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