B2B Marketing: How to do digital marketing between companies

Digital Marketing 27 April 2020

B2B (Marketing business to business) marketing or digital marketing between companies consists of applying Digital Marketing between businesses. B2B Marketing is aimed at helping companies that sell their products and services to other companies to publicize their brand, attract customers (companies of their target audience)and thus manage to increase their sales.

Today, the way we collaborate between companies has changed markedly from recent years. The positive values of each company and its business culture, among other aspects, have become very important in establishing collaborations between companies.

What is b2b marketing

Each company’s digital presence and online reputation, the image it conveys to its suppliers, and its business model in general have become aspects where companies must invest efforts to sell more. This is how B2B Digital Marketing has gained a strong prominence among all growth strategies in the business market.

What is B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing is amarketing company based on sales between companies,which does not include sales between customer and company. This type of marketing is not aimed at the end consumer (B2C) but at other companies.

Marketing business to business is responsible for creating, delivering and communicating the value of a particular product or service to a business customer, and this change in the end customer, fully determines the type of strategy, language and actions that will work.

marketing definition b2b

A person does not behave the same when he/she buys personally and individually in his/her free time as when he/she buys on behalf of the company for which he/she works. That is why B2B Marketing presents important differences that should be known and taken into account to define the objectives and plan the strategies that will be carried out correctly.

Differences between B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing

Here are the most important differentials between B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing:

The motivation to buy

While the consumer audience tends to look for offers and entertainment, the B2B audience seeks efficiency and knowledge. The choice of the final consumer in the B2C is often influenced by their emotions (ambition, status, price, etc.) B2C customers want to enjoy, make the purchase they want and meet their needs.

A B2C consumer who knows your brand and wants to purchase one of your products or services does not necessarily seek to establish a long-term relationship. In contrast, user B2B wants to obtain maximum information and the ability and security to establish a more lasting relationship with the brand.

The buying cycle

The B2B buying cycle is longer than the B2C decision process and requires more nutrition and attention. B2C purchases often meet immediate needs, while the purpose of B2B decisions is to complete long-term goals.

B2B marketing professionals are within a much longer hierarchical chain:the procurement, accounting and its CEOs and top managers must approve purchases in advance. In contrast, in B2C Marketing, a consumer makes their own B2C purchasing choices quickly, if they receive influence from others it is through recommendations or suggestions.

The contract for a B2B purchase usually lasts for months or years,so the purchase requires a much more meaningful decision. In contrast, the entire B2C purchase cycle is much shorter, it can last up to just a few minutes, depending on the product or service in question.

The characteristics of the contents

B2B marketing requires the development of more important and detailed content.

Extensive content is often effective for B2B because a brand or company must test its knowledge and give its target audience a reason to gain their trust. Consumers generally prefer short and concise content, especially for low-priced B2C products.

Additionally B2B marketing professionals can use industry-specific terminology on B2B platforms with excellent results. In B2C, however, content must be recognizable to most consumers; that is, there must be fewer technicalities and generally a much simpler language.

If you want to read more about the differences between B2B and B2C, do not miss our article B2B or B2C: Meaning, Differences and Examples.

Importance of B2B Marketing

importance of marketing b2b

Companies are increasingly attaching importance to the image of their suppliers, as it also has an influence on their own image and what they want to convey.

For this reason, companies are not only looking for suppliers who offer the best value for money, but are looking for suppliers who, in addition to providing them with products and services, added value that benefits their brand image and online reputation, thus establishing a enriching collaborationfor all companies involved in the agreement and collaboration.

Strategies for B2B marketing

The following Digital Marketing strategies can be effective in solving problems and effectively addressing the challenges that may arise within B2B marketing:

Inbound Marketing

Lately we have talked a lot about inbound marketing, and that is that today, this methodology should be applied in absolutely all types of Marketing. Inbound Marketing enables companies to develop a better B2B marketing strategy; by creating different types of custom content to deliver information relevant to companies in your target audience.

Inbound marketing, mainly by creating value content and applying it to other online marketing techniques; such as RRSS Marketing and Organic Search Engine Positioning (SEO), can help you meet the specific needs of B2B marketing.

inbound marketing b2b

Creating a database

Creating a database is essential to be able to track your contacts within the companies of your target audience and send them information and content at the right time. Through your lead generation strategies you can effectively complete the creation of an effective database.

Therefore, you will have to apply the strategies of inbound Marketing with the aim of capturing users to convert them into leads with data that you can track.

Improve your online presence and the identity of your company

Online presence is critical in B2B marketing. To improve it, you can use the following Inbound Marketing strategies.

On the other hand, the identity of your company is becoming more and more important. Companies prefer to buy products and services from other companies with which they feel identified and with which they share securities. Therefore, it is important that you invest efforts in improving your company’s corporate image as well.

Email marketing

Implement email marketing campaigns to send personalized emails to businesses within your target informing them of offers, products, services, and other relevant topics related to your business.


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