Copywriting in e-commerce: sell through your texts

Digital Marketing 10 July 2020

If you are here it is because you have an e-commerce or you are considering having one, and you have noticed one thing: you have no idea what to put in the product descriptions, on the homepage or home, on the one about us…

Well, you’re in the right place!

As we introduced you a few days ago, there is a discipline within digital marketing that focuses on the texts of your website and makes them your seller 24 hours a day.

And what discipline is this? No more or less than one with a name that is quite peculiar when you first hear: copywriting or persuasive writing.

Before we begin, if you are not yet very clear about what we mean by copywriting, we invite you to take a look at the article where we reveal what copywriting is, its difference with the writing of blogs, what services it offers and what its work is based on.

And if you’ve got it all right, let’s get down to business.

Our intention is that when you finish reading us you have a better perception of how copywriting will help you in the texts of your e-commerce and see some examples of good practices of online stores with copywriting to inspire you.

And without further delay, we begin!

What is copywriting in an e-commerce and why it is necessary

One thing we have already learned: copywriting seeks an actionby a person.

And in an online store, obviously, this action will mainly add products to the cart and end up buying.

But to get to it, you have to have “conversed” with the client first. You must have explained what you will get with your product, what benefits will solve your problem, give you security in the purchase process…

In short: give it all very chewed, take it to the shopping cart, and basically, be with it in the whole process as if you really have a person next to you.

And now you’re sure to think, “Well, okay, but I plan to write down everything that comes with the product and so the customer already has an idea of what he’s doing.”

To what we say: ERROR!

If we talk about the product sheets,where you describe it, please do not be left alone in the features.

A person doesn’t buy you because your TV is UHD 8K, 7680 x 4320 pixels, Quantum 8K Processor, HDMI. In fact, most mortals don’t understand what marks mean by all these words.

A person buys you because with this 8K UHD TV, etc. you will be able to watch your favorite movies and series with a great image quality where you can appreciate all its color and texture details, and you will feel as if instead of the dining room of your home you are in a cinema. The user experience will be brutal.

As you can see, the thing isn’t so much about features but about explaining the benefits through these features.

This was just one of many examples why you need to have a copywriter by your side. Here’s more reason in case we haven’t convinced you yet. 😉

Reasons why it’s beneficial to copywriting in your e-commerce

#1 Define Who You Are

Use the text from your e-commerce to introduce your brand to the world.

Defining who you are through copywriting goes beyond writing a few paragraphs that describe your business.

The copy in e-commerce serves so that, through tone and a good choice of words, you can create a personality for your brand and products.

#2 Helps Drive Sales

Copywriting in e-commerce is one of the most easy-to-implement key elements to have a direct impact on increasing sales of your products.

If you don’t believe us, look at this post how the conversion rate (sales) increased only with the change in the call-to-action button.

#3 Helps identify your customers/target audience

Do you know who your ideal customer is?


Well, then, it’s extremely important that the text on your website is focused on attracting that customer base.

And above all, you should try to solve a problem that is unique to that target audience.

#4 Inform your customers

When a customer visits your online store, they should leave it with more information than when they arrived.

And guess what: the best way to communicate with customers is through copywriting.

You need a text to accurately describe your products, to give the customer an idea of your company’s history and why you exist, and to let them know the logistics of placing an order with you (how much shipping costs, when orders are shipped, what they should do if they want to return their items, etc.).

#5 Improve your store’s web positioning

And if you also want to position your e-commerce and that it comes out in the first search results, there is a specialty within the copy that focuses on it.

It’s called SEO Copywriting,and it’s the bomb!

Examples of copywriting in e-commerce: good practices

And now that you know a little better the potential of copy in online stores, we leave you a couple of examples to see in real format how good copywritinig looks in e-commerce.

La Bella Carmela

This natural cosmetic e-commerce is a great example of how to incorporate all the power of copy to boost your sales.

If we put ourselves on the page of one of its products, for example the Body Treatment Spray First,already at the out of the way we find the benefits that it is in spray format. Here’s how your skin will look with its ingredients, and finally you can take it wherever you want.

In addition, and very importantly, below we find a description of each type of ingredients that make up the product, relating each ingredient to the benefit it offers.

In this way we get that the text is not only filled with features, but we also included what they do for the person.

We also love the section where they explain how to apply the product,and also some extra tips telling you what other products you can use them with.

In this way they get that feeling of accompaniment throughout the page, as if you had your own depends advising you. And the fact that they mention products that go well with Body Treatment is a great idea for cross-selling.

La Bella Carmela is a great example of copywriting in e-commerce

The Best Orange

The Serra family, with its shop “The Best Orange” was awarded as the best online grocery store in Spain a few years ago. And no wonder.

It has descriptions of all its products, where for example, in the case of papayas and avocados, they explain where they come from, how the shipment will be, what properties they have… Come on, you go on the web to buy fruit to make juices and you end up leaving it with a master’s degree in fruit knowledge.

But what has caught our attention from The Best Orange is the Who we are so careful they have.

We love how well they have told their story:they have been able to connect with the reader about their know-how, a business that lives as a family and an adaptation to new technologies.

So, yes!

Writing the About Us of an e-commerce with copywriting ensures us connect with the customer

Conclusion: harness the power of copywriting in your e-commerce

Well, now you have a better idea of the benefits that copywriting will bring you in your online store.

We’ve set some examples for you, but there’s a lot more out there. Ask Google and you’re sure to find even more inspiration.

We hope that from now on you will take into account the great power of persuasive writing also in your e-commerce.

Remember: putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and explaining what benefits your product brings can help you significantly increase your sales.

So you know, get down to business… And hit the copy hard! 🙂


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