4 essential tools for your SEO positioning

Digital Marketing 29 March 2022

SEO positioning is one of the main branches within digital marketing, and can be decisive for your business.

Do you need some tools that make your job easier? Then keep reading until the end.

What is SEO positioning?

SEO is a digital marketing technique used to make your website well positioned in search engine results.

This is achieved through the improvement of loading speed, interesting content, and, above all, the use of relevant keywords for users.

One of the most used search engines is Google, and that is that more than 90% of users use it.

Google logo
Google is the most used search engine worldwide.

That is why SEO positioning efforts are usually focused on Google liking your website and thus positioning it among the first results.

It is also important to note that this positioning is done organically and unpaid, so it is not an immediate process.

Don’t confuse it with SEM!

Why include SEO positioning in your strategy?

The importance of positioning in your online strategy is, basically, because if you do not optimize your website, you will not have a presence on the internet.

You may work your social networks and do SEM, but SEO is different, since, at present, people look for everything in search engines in the first place.

And it’s usually on Google (make no mistake).

It is also common that when optimizing the SEO of a website, it has an orderly and very worked appearance, which benefits the user experience.

These are all advantages!

This optimization is a job that requires a great level of detail, but that in the long run will bring you great benefits, and all without the monetary cost of a SEM campaign.

4 SEO positioning tools for this 2022

If you dare to start with SEO optimization for better positioning, do not miss these tools.

They will help you throughout the process!

1. QuickSprout

This free tool will allow you to do an analysis of the SEO of your website and also of the Social.

This analysis details all the failures and recommendations to improve your positioning. ✔

What makes it special is that it also compares your site with that of 3 other competitors, in order to reduce the gap you may have with them and become more competitive.

QuickSprout homepage, SEO Positioning Tool
QuickSprout home page view.

It’s a great option in the initial phases of the optimization project, as it offers an overview of everything there is to improve.

Discover QuickSprout!

2. Google Search Console

Google itself offers you tools to make an analysis, especially of the traffic that your page receives.

This is the case of Google Search Console.

From this tool you can obtain key data such as through which keywords users find you, URLs of your most visited page … ⛓

It is very useful to get data quickly and easily, since it has a very intuitive interface.

3. Google Analytics

If the previous tool falls short, this is the big sister, and one of the most powerful web analytics tools on the market.

Google Analytics allows you to know ALL the important metrics such as bounce rates, duration of sessions, recurring visits, where traffic comes from…

In addition to the keywords and the most visited URLs as Search Console already allows you to do.

The learning curve is a little more complex because of the wide variety of functionalities it allows, but you will not regret it.

Dare to learn how to use it!

4. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Probably, you already know SEMrush more than enough.

So today we present Ahrefs; an alternative with free and paid version that will allow you to do a great analysis of keywords and volumes.

Ahrefs logo, SEO positioning tool.
Ahrefs is the best alternative to SEMrush.

It is also extremely useful to work on link building, which is the quantity and quality of links you add in each URL.

All without the economic investment that SEMrush requires!

Although, if you want more specific functionalities, you can always hire the paid version.

Try your new 4 SEO tools

Now you know 4 new tools for your SEO positioning.

Do you dare to try them?

If you have doubts, you can always consult us.

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing.

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Start working on your SEO!


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