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SEO and SEM 04 August 2021

If you’re tired of not having the information you need when you need it, SemRush is the solution.

Go ahead and we’ll explain what this is.


To sum up, SemRush is a vital tool pack for analyzing organic aspects of SEO, but elements of SEM are also observed.

SEMRUSH SEO analyze organically
With SEMRush we will be able to analyze organically an online company

To build a strategy that allows you to position yourself well in search engines, it is the key, because the information it will give you is so much that it will take you time to analyze it in depth.

It is ideal because just by clicking you have many tools at your disposal.

Having SemRush at your disposal will give you some advantages:

How SEMRUSH works

SEMRush is a web page in which you register, access the section of the function you need, put the domain of the web or the keyword you want to investigate, and that’s it.

But wait, you don’t have access to all the information just. Here’s trick… You have to pay.

However, you have a free option, but so limited, that you’re going to make a consultation and say: that’s it? Can’t I do anything else?

So we tell you the rates you have. First: better to hire them annually, you will get a little cheaper.

semrush rates
SemRush Rates

Certainly, if you are an SME, probably hiring this pack of services will not be profitable.

That’s why it would be more worth hiring a digital marketing agency and that she would take it all directly.

One of the advantages of hiring an agency is that it already has the necessary resources. We leave you here an article where we explain it.

What is SEMRUSH for?

We carry the whole article telling you that SemRush is a pack of tools, that it has many uses, but what are they? Now we’ll tell you.

Keyword research

It is the most famous utility, probably when someone says “SemRush” you think of “analyze keywords”.

If you have a good study of keywords, you can optimize pages, URLs, titles, meta descriptions, etc.

You’ll be positioning with words that users use the most, therefore you’ll be earning points.

What you can see from each keyword:

One of the possible inbound marketing strategies, specifically off-page SEO, is the linkbuilding strategy.

Backlinks are also a criterion that Google puts in its PageRank to reach the top positions of user searches.

To help improve PageRank, the pages that link you will have to have a minimum of authority and notoriety.

What you can see thanks to the SemRush:

Analyze competition organically

You’ll be able to see what it does and how your directly competitive companies fare.

It’s great, because based on that, you’ll be able to see how the sector is doing and set your own goals.

It even creates a positioning map through the variables “organic positioning” and “organic keywords” to visualize more or less where each company is.

semrush amazon competition
Example of competitive positioning map analyzing Amazon

The information you can extract from the competition is:

Analyze the paid advertising you’ve done

Likewise, you can also analyze what is happening with the SEM of an online business.

You can know what keywords you are bidding for, and from those keywords what position they are having, the volume of searches, how much they are paying and the traffic that it entails.

In percentage, you can also know how many pages are positioned in first position, in second and “others”.

Both organic and paid search traffic

By adding the domain of your website, you will be able, at least with the Pro version, to observe the amount of organic traffic and the amount of paid traffic you have had, and comparing with the evolution of the previous period (usually in months).

In addition, you will also have the information of which keywords that traffic comes from.

Finally, you can also know if the traffic that reaches you is by brand searches, that is, people who already know you and are looking for you, or by searches without brand, that is, keywords of the sector with which they find you.

semrush seo amazon metrics
Example Metrics Summary with Amazon

If you’ve come this far, you’ll have been able to see how much information it gives you and how valuable it is.

It can help you even to set up a business, knowing what the competition is doing… you can do magic.

Start working with SEMRUSH and create effective strategies

We have told you what it is, what it can bring you, the prices it has and its functionalities. Now you have to decide if you want to hire him or better go with an agency.

Contact us if you need help with your online strategy, or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on how SEMRUSH works.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Sign up for SemRush and start analyzing your website!


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