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Marketing automation: What it is, types of strategies and examples

Over the past few years, the volume of data that companies collect about our potential customers has increased greatly.

In the era of offline marketing, data was collected for BBDDs, but they had no point of comparison with all the information we have today.

That is why the great need has arisen to organize all this data, know who the potential customers are, and in this way, define what actions to take to reach them.

This is where the great potential of marketing automation or marketing automation comes into play.

Want to know what marketing automation is about and how it works?

Read on: we tell you everything.

What is marketing automation?

You’ve probably already noticed that those of us who are in marketing are always using English swearing.

Marketing automation simply consists of implementing a series of marketing strategies in a fully automated way to achieve more customers saving time.

As we have advanced before, one of the main reasons for the emergence of these automations is the increase in BBDDs.

One of the maxims of marketing is to know very well our buyer person so that we can address him with the right message.

That is why the need arises to qualify the different users of the databases to determine which profiles we have and group them according to their characteristics.

This user qualification process is called lead scoring.

Using this set of techniques, we see which database users are most conducive to buying us.

Defining profile types is basic for lead nurturing.

This (other) marketing word refers to the type of leads we have in the database, our communications, emails, etc., will be one way or another.

And to carry out all these communications and emails, we have a series of automation tools that make our lives much easier.

However, in this article we will not talk about such tools.

We want to focus on examples of strategies you can take for your business, and that are sure to save you a lot of time.

Marketing automation saves marketing specialists a lot of time

Examples of marketing automation strategies

  • Use emails to enhance re-engagement: sometimes it happens that some users do not perform any interaction with our product or service for a certain time.

    A good idea is to make use of automated marketing to define that after X days an email is sent to those people encouraging them to use it again.
  • A good example is Facebook.

    After X days of inactivity, it sends you an email making a summary of what has happened with the accounts you follow in the last few days, and encourages you to come back so you don’t miss anything.
  • Automatically segment users :one ofthe bases of marketing today is to take into account the user profile that we are targeting.

    This is because the more we know about the profile of the person we are interested in, the better defined the content and communications that we send to that person.

    Based on this, segmenting the users we have in our database is crucial to determining the different types of audience we have.

    Marketing automation tools allow you to define a series of criteria or tags to put to a user and then determine what type it is and, therefore, what messages to send them.

    For example, if you are a user who has performed a specific action, how to download an ebook that you have as a lead magnet, this person will move to the list of people who have downloaded it and therefore have an interest in this type of content.

    From then on, you know that if you are sent content related to the lead magnettheme, you have more options that interest you and in the end you end up converting.
After X days an email is sent to potential customers encouraging them to make the purchase.
  • You can send email marketing to publicize the product or service among your database contacts, while helping to maintain interest in them.

    For example, imagine that you are a brand of cosmetics that has just launched another product.

    You can use these emails to make it known to your entire database.

    In turn, maybe there are certain users who enlisted in the mailing list but never used the discount code you sent them for the first purchase.

    Then, create a series of automatic emails focused on each of your brand’s best sellers and add the coupon reminder.

    In other words, having automated emails means that a company can have dozens of active campaigns that work at oncewithout always being aware of sending those emails.

Marketing automation: essential in digital marketing

As you’ve already seen, applying some strategies with automation marketing helps you save time and generate more potential customers. What kind of examples are you going to put in place for your online business?

Consider the benefits and what you can achieve. Be more efficient, reduce costs, greater control of actions, detailed monitoring… Deliver the right content, to the right user at the right time.

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Go ahead… starts a new project with marketing automation strategies ?

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