The importance of generating quality content

Digital Marketing 08 May 2020

Generating quality content is one of the most outstanding marketing techniques today. Companies are increasingly aware that they have to invest in a content marketing strategy.

Users are increasingly important to the quality of the content they consume and, therefore, for a content strategy to be effective companies must generate relevant, useful, interesting content,and that also connects in a few seconds with users.

Developing this type of content requires good planning and search of the topics to develop,and additionally involves communicating the values of the brand in an implicit way and, above all, getting the contents not to have an advertising character.

Reasons to invest in content creation

Today, users are affected by the impact of ads and information at all times. That’s why many turn to so-called ad blockers to get rid of the invasive advertising that bothers them so much.

Faced with this situation, brands have been forced to find new ways to connect with their audience and convey their values. Thus emerged Inbound Marketing,and among the various inbound methodologies,branded content, also called “Branded Content” is one of the most effective solutions to meet these needs.

Writing quality content

Faced with the question of how to create quality content, the answer would be to create brand-linked content allowing you to connect with the consumer.

Content marketing actions are focused on generating conversation and brand awareness, while generating relevant added value for users.

Among the main features of Branded Contentwe would highlight:

Generating quality content is essential
Generating quality content is essential

10 Advantages of Generating Quality Content

Conventional digital advertising with ads that interrupt users’ browsing generates more and more rejection. On the other hand, quality content is intended to naturally attract users:

Emotional connection to the brand

Quality content aimed at a well-defined target audience can impact users and excite audiences. These feelings are associated with the image of the brand and the impression that consumers receive, making them remember it.

Quality content attracts new customers

Quality content attracts users because they search for information on digital platforms. Therefore, if your brand is making original and relevant content, you’ll be able to make contact with new leads.

Generate engagement

The content must be present at all stages of the funnel of conversion (awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty) and, therefore, during the purchase decision, the purchase itself and the after-sales.

When the contents are created and distributed taking the funnel into account, the consumer perceives that the brand really cares about its experience and that it is at all times to accompany it.

Brand Personality

Creating content regularly defines the personality of the brand that acquires an identity that differentiates the competition.

One idea to generate brand personality and create quality content is the existence of a content marketing blog where the business plasmes its values. An example would be the Kiwop blog, where we discuss aspects related to our main activity.

Lead Generation

Generating quality content enables lead collection (potential customers) and expanding the company database. Thanks to this act, you will be able to implement conversion strategies with the aim of closing sales more easily with those users who already demonstrate an initial interest.

Improved SEO positioning

Users search for information in search engines continuously. Therefore, it is very important to improve the SEO positioning of your online or e-commerce business.

By creating quality, relevant and unique content, algorithms improve your location by gaining increasing visibility and better rankings in SERPs. These are decisive factors in reaching more leads.

Understanding your audience and meeting your buyer person

By monitoring the interaction of the public with your content, you will be able to analyze their tastes and preferences. This will allow you to get to know your buyer personbetter and propose new ideas for the company regarding the development of new products, strategies and campaigns that can more effectively impact your consumers.

Return on your investment (ROI)

Through good content marketing practices, you can easily recognize which aspects you need to improve, how many leads you’re getting, and what value.

It is very easy to know the return on your investment. For this reason, a content marketing strategy is much more effective than a traditional marketing strategy.

Educate your audience about your brand

Generating quality content will allow you to educate consumers of your target audience about your brand, show the benefits of your products/services and make you known in different ways, always taking into account that they must be much more transparent and credible to your consumers.

Investing in your potential customers

Generating content is an action dedicated to your potential customers, so this investment will be specifically intended for the niche market interested in your products and services.

Thanks to this, you’re not wasting money from your budget on advertising and marketing strategies aimed at a more widespread audience.

Benefits of hiring an agency to generate quality content

Generating quality content has become the basis of today’s digital marketing,as it is what best suits new digital communication tools, making it easier for companies to meet the key factors of success in having an online presence: SEO, Quality, and Virality.

Quality content
Generating quality content is the foundation of digital marketing

What are the benefits of hiring a company that generates quality content for your organization?

In two words: KNOW HOW.

Content marketing strategies can (and should) be applied in any type of business, regardless of whether it’s a B2B or B2C market, or if your business is an online store.

At Kiwop, your Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency, we can help you with the quality content marketing strategy you need.

As content writing experts, wecan define which messages to post, how often and through which channels (from your website, blog, social networks or newsletter, among others).

We work to identify how your content should be to attract and retain your audience. We create interesting content and add value to it using content marketing.

If you need help, please contact us.

Let’s go.

What are you waiting for to succeed with your business? ?


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