What is storytelling and why is it important?

Content Marketing 13 January 2022

For millennia, stories have been passed down from generation to generation through the simple art of oratory. What we know as narration is one of the most important forms of communication; attractive messages, direct and with a background. Storytelling applied to your brand is a storytelling technique,and it’s key to growing both your audience and your revenue.

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Storytelling as a strategy to tell stories

Although storytelling is based on storytelling, it is something more complex and goes beyond explaining a story. Let’s not forget that, in this case, the main objective is to attract your target,and even other types of audiences, without the immediate goal of wanting to obtain sales. In other words, attract new users without offering them promotions and so on. And how to do it? Through well-defined stories,and above all with a human component, knowing well who you are targeting, the interests of your target and planning each step of your storytelling strategy.

A well-defined,structured and worked storytelling attracts the attention of users, generates greater engagement with the public,creates a powerful brand identity and retains the audience that your brand already has.

How to apply a storytelling strategy for your company

As we have told you, planning is the best. And from the Kiwop marketing team we give you these tips so that you know how to take the first steps towards a powerful storytelling strategy.

Know your target

This is the essential and primordial step, not only for storytelling, but for any digital marketing strategy. You need to know your target, how they think, weaknesses and strengths, in order to establish a good argument.

Define your goals

The second step is to know what you want to achieve through storytelling. Our recommendation is that you do not set short-term goals, storytelling is a strategy that should be thought about in the long term.

Set the channels

Depending on the type of digital channels you want to target, the story could vary, so it’s important to define them before you start thinking about good storytelling. Of course, do not forget that, although each channel has a different type of communication, such as your website and your social networks, each of them must go in agreement and explain the same story, or have at least the same storytelling background.

The storytelling strategy must study each channel to adapt to it

Choose a story

Now, your time has come. Choose one or more good stories always based on the previous points. He also thinks that it must revolve around a human factor, people and their stories are what most often attract the attention of other people.

Develop a storyline

As we have said, storytelling is a medium and long-term strategy. Build various storylines to create attention in your target audience.

Work on a clear and memorable message

Even if your story is long or has different plot threads, you should always work with clear and memorable messages. The important thing here is that all your target understands your messages quickly.

It has audiovisual content

Currently, the contents that generate the most interaction are images or videos, especially if we talk about social networks. Count on it as an essential factor when developing and showing your storytelling.

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Benefits of storytelling

The benefits of storytelling are usually seen after a few months doing a good job. However, it is worth the wait.

You connect with your users

As we mentioned, storytelling focused on your target makes you connect with users. You tell them stories that they find interesting, or funny, that attract their attention and, of course, that of your brand.

You bring people together and create a loyal audience

Another of the most important points is that through storytelling you end up creating a community that interacts with your brand and builds loyalty around it. In fact, they can even become potential customers and users who recommend your brand, it is practically like having free advertising!

You create a well-defined brand identity

And we come to one of the most important points, in the long run, storytelling allows you to build a well-defined brand identity that connects with your audience. This is paramount, because it is what will help your company grow to the maximum and remain in the mind of your target.

Engagement allows you to reach a wider audience and build user loyalty

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