Use Copywriting on your product cards and generate more sales

News 14 December 2020

You have an e-commerce.

100 products for sale.

What’s the easiest thing?

Put a simple description or the one given to you by the supplier, and to sell.

But that way you’ll generate few sales and be one more business on the market.

We don’t want that for your online store.

From Kiwop, we want your e-commerce to be the best, to sell a lot and to differentiate you from the competition. ?

And that’s only possible using copywriting on your product cards.

You may not know what it is or you may not know how to apply it to your website.

But don’t worry because in this article we will show you the importance of copywriting and give you 10 tips to write the copy of the product sheets.

In addition, we will teach you easy and practical examples for you to apply in your online store.

Cheer up and make your product listings persuasive and effective.

Go ahead!

Importance of copy in your e-commerce

The copywriting figure is essential if you want your online business to thrive.

Knowing how to sell with your texts is key.

All companies that have succeeded have a copywriting team behind them that writes the e-commerce product cards.

That’s why your online store needs it too.

But not just any copy, but as effective as possible.

Differentiate yourself from the competition, attract the attention of your customers and inform them well.

If your products or services don’t say anything to your users, if they don’t need your products, they won’t buy them.

Make your items talk, and sell more.

If you succeed, you’ll have succeeded.

If you want to know more about the role of copywriting and why you need one for your online business, see this article.

10 tips for writing the copy of your e-commerce product cards

Meet your ideal customer perfectly

Writing a good product sheet is essential, but more so is knowing your ideal customer in detail.

You have to write a good file, but focused on that person.

The description of each of your products has to be consistent with the characteristics of your customers.

Feeling identified with what they are buying is indispensable.

Personal and detailed but direct descriptions.

Also, use the same language as them to make selling easier for you.

Know your ideal customer to perfection
Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Comment on your features and highlight your benefits

Don’t write a great text full of features and information about your product or service that no one will read.

Comment on your most outstanding features and underline your benefits.

Show your customers what your product will do for in their life and how it will be improved.

Avoid empty words, generalities, or specific details because they won’t be interested or understood.

Use keywords, full of life and shocking to be awakened by the need to buy your products or services.

Comment your features and define your benefits
Practical example at Laconium

Create sub-parts

Add sub-paragraphs wherever you can.

The more sections your product card has, the longer your user will be on the page, and therefore the likelihood that they will purchase your product will increase.

Drop-down sections or with information at a glance.

This type of copywriting on your product sheets will be very useful for your potential customer to get an idea of everything you offer.

Creates subheadings
Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Use microcopy

Microcopy is the special touch you can add to your texts to connect with your customer and improve your perception of the brand.

The small details make all the difference.

Between a cold/cordial text and an original/special text, users will keep the second.

This microcopy is commonly used in two parts of the product sheets: in the call to action and in the product description.

Be creative, funny, unexpected and fill him inside.

Capture your attention, connect emotionally and humanize your brand image.

If you read yourself you manage to get a smile out of it, you will have earned it and it will increase the likelihood that it will become a final consumer.

Uses the microcopy
Practical example at Laconium

Provides testimonials from other customers

There’s one thing that’s clear: we trust more than other customers say than the brand explains to us.

Therefore, your product listings to sell must include social evidence or opinions from other customers.

Show feedback from other consumers who are satisfied with you.

Give your product listings credibility and reliability so that those interested in your online business do not hesitate when they have to buy your products.

You can also use ratings or stars to contribute that testimonial.

Provides testimonials other customers
Practical example on Amazon

Detail the price

When you write the product sheets of your e-commerce you must detail the price.

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to paying.

You must make it clear what it costs for the customer to be informed at all times.

If the price you mark later when you make the purchase varies, users will have a bad image of your brand because they will feel that you have cheated on them.

Be clear with the defined amount and earn customer trust.

Expon if it includes VAT, shipping costs, possible discounts, etc.

All to keep users well-informed.

Details the price
Practical example on Amazon

Call to action

Your product cards must include calls to action.

Encourage your customers to purchase your product, add it to the cart, or enjoy the experience.

Use clear action buttons, which stand out on the tab and match your value proposition.

Guide the customer to get hold of your products or services, and make sure the final purchase.

Call to action
Practical example at Laconium

Resolve possible objections

Another key element that you have to include in your product sheets is to resolve possible objections.

Make possible incidents, problems or frictions clear during the purchase process.

Topics such as shipping costs, return policies or delivery conditions are quite controversial.

Easily explain all these aspects and clarify possible future doubts of your customers.

In this way, your users will acquire your products or services safely.

Resolves possible objections
Practical example in Ecovidasolar

Incorporate quality photographs

Product listings in your online store must incorporate quality images.

Your customer can’t touch, smell, or try any of your products.

You will decide whether or not to purchase the image.

For this reason, it has to be of the best possible quality, showing all the attributes and with good lighting.

With a bad image, you will most likely leave without purchasing your product.

Therefore, it impacts with a good image and wakes up the desire to buy.

Incorporates quality images
Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Cross-selling product listings

Maybe you think about how to get your customer to buy more of the product they plan to purchase.

Well, very easy. ?

Suggest products that may interest you based on the items you’ve already looked at.

Offer complementary or similar products to those you have purchased.

Leverage that information to create content based on what you like and create cross-selling product listings.

Cross-selling product sheets
Practical example in Ecovidasolar

Copywriting for your e-commerce product cards

Having seen 10 tips on how to use copywriting on product sheets, you’re ready to start giving them cane.

Get out of our keys and create well-optimized tokens.

Make them irresistible and improve your online store.

If you want to know more about copywriting and how to do to sell through your texts, check out this article.

And, of course, any questions you have we will be happy to help you. ?

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead.

Sell more using copywriting on your product listings!


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