Trends in video marketing this 2022

Content Marketing 10 June 2022

Marketing is a sector in constant evolution, and brands must follow it. One of the new trends on the rise is video marketing.

It may seem obvious, but content in video format is climbing the ranks and brands are betting on this format for their digital marketing strategy.

We don’t want you to be left behind. Therefore, from Kiwop we are going to explain why you should use video marketing and what are the trends of this 2022.

Sounds interesting, right? Well, keep reading!

What is video marketing

Let’s start by explaining what video marketing is, although its very name can give you an idea.

Video marketing is a technique in which audiovisual material is used to promote a brand, service or product.

Video marketing is not an exclusive strategy of online marketing, but thanks to the Internet and social networks, its use has increased significantly.

Currently, 9 out of 10 social media users consume the videos of the brands they follow.

In addition, video is being imposed and, more and more, social networks prefer videos over photographs. A clear example is Instagram!

Therefore, it is very important to have audiovisual creators and the best software to run the best videos and stand out from your competition. ⭐️

But… What advantages can video marketing offer?

Advantages of video marketing

Video marketing is the future of digital marketing. This, a very useful tool to advertise all kinds of products.

It’s a more shareable format ✉

Video is the format that is most used for sharing on social networks. Therefore, it is a perfect tool for your customers to spread your content more easily.

User dwell time ⏳

Video generates more time spent by a user on your website and, because of that, video helps search engine rankings.

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It is a visual format and easy to consume

Video marketing is a much more visual and easy type of content when it comes to consuming it, since you only have to click. Unlike text, which you must be more attentive and reading consciously, video is a much more dynamic and consumable format.

They are very easy to consume videos.
Videos can be consumed anytime, anywhere.

It’s easier to sell a product

In the videos, you can explain all the features of the product you want to sell. The user will be able to visualize it better and, therefore, it will be easier to sell the product.

The brand-customer relationship is closer

Videos are a format that allows you to have a closeness with the user. The client knows who is talking to him, and that enriches his experience. In addition, it allows the user to better retain the message you want to convey to them due to the format.

A picture is worth a thousand words and, video marketing, is worth much more.

8 Video Marketing Trends for 2022

If you want to take advantage of the moment and take advantage of video marketing, we are going to explain 10 trends about it this 2022.

Short videos

TikTok has come to influence every way. It is a fact that it has become one of the most important social networks today.

Its triumph has caused that all platforms have been updating (and continue to reorganize) and have given more importance to short videos.

In addition to TikTok and Instagram Reels, which are the most used, there are YouTube Shorts or Facebook Reels. They are vertical video formats that, normally, have a duration of 60 seconds.

Short videos are here to stay.
Short videos manage to reach more audiences.

Short videos allow you to offer effective advertising, avoiding saturation and, in addition, transmitting the message effectively.

Users usually close the videos when they reach 20 seconds, approximately, so it is advisable to convey the message from the beginning and without detours.

If you want to know more, find out how and why you should use Instagram Reels on your social networks .

Pop-up buttons in videos ⏯

Videos with pop-up buttons shorten the customer journey, offering them the opportunity to purchase the products they want directly from the video via the button.

This button takes the customer to a landing page where they are allowed to complete the purchase process.

It could be compared to the shoppable posts on social networks that have been trending for years.

These shoppable videos allow you to increase the click-through and conversion rate, as they create the path to purchase. It’s a way to make it easy for the customer.

Personalized videos

Personalizing content is not something new in marketing, but it is unusual in videos. With this new trend, marketers can generate personalized video messages and replace emails and phone calls.

Technically, making this type of video is very simple because you only have to change the parts such as the name of the recipient, their faces or decisions.

Customizing videos allows brands to offer specific solutions for each client.

Live videos

Live videos have been around for a long time, but as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, their use skyrocketed.

This type of video allowed brands to keep in touch with their customers and, today, it is one of the favorite contents for brands, celebrities and users.

The success of this type of videos is very easy to explain: it allows interaction, users watch them for longer, they are more profitable and can be saved in the profile.

Rise of Stories ⌛️

The rise of Stories is on the rise. Since the emergence of the social network Snapchat, a new video marketing trend was born. It is a format that is characterized by its short duration and durability: it only lasts 24 hours.

First, it was Snapchat , then Instagram and Facebook and, for a certain period of time, it was also on Twitter .

Ephemeral videos create a sense of urgency, as the viewer must watch it before it disappears.

Ads without sound

Ads with sound are an annoying experience for users; that’s why soundless video ads are becoming more and more popular.

The vast majority of users watch videos without sound and, in many cases, videos with subtitles increase viewing time.

Videos produced with smartphones

One of the highlights of video marketing is that you don’t need to have large teams and budgets. It is possible to create large productions with the smartphone.

Influencers have helped popularize this type of videos, with the content they share on TikTok, where they share collaborations, blogs of their day to day …

These are not the only ones that produce this type of videos: more and more brands are filming their videos with smartphones to convey authenticity and closeness to their customers.


In video marketing strategies, video blogs are booming and, increasingly, brands are betting on them.

This format is inspired by traditional blogs that, with a series of chronological posts, you can navigate between them. The difference is that, in this case, it is in video format.

Users tend to consume more video content than written content, so as usual, video blogs are a brilliant option to replace text.

Who hasn’t seen a video blog of their favorite influencer?

As you can see, video marketing is the future and, at Kiwop, we are experts in the field.

Bet on video marketing in your digital strategy

Video marketing is the future, what are you waiting for to implement it in the marketing strategy of your business?

Now it’s your turn…

If you need help or want us to solve any related questions, we will be happy to do so.

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Introduce video marketing and succeed with your business!


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