How and why to use Instagram Reels on your social networks

Digital Marketing 04 May 2021

The people in the confinement were very bored, and the consumption of the Tik Tok app skyrocketed.

That’s what Instagram realized, and that same summer he launched his own“Reels” feature to make him the competition.

in the confinement Tik Tok became fashionable
During the confinement Tik Tok (or that kind of video format, rather) became fashionable

Reels are gaining so much momentum that you have to start considering NOW implementing it in your marketing strategy.

Stay and find out more about this new Insta option.

What are Instagram Reels

The idea is this: short and easy-to-watch videos.

The trend on the Internet directs towards the consumption of content of this type, hence the success of these apps: Tik Tok or Reels.

It is the youngest who use it, as it is another form of entertainment, not only when consuming them but also when creating them.

But uh, the more grown-ups are hooked too, let’s not forget about them.

Include instagram Reels in your strategy
Instagram launched Reels to compete at Tik Tok

How does it work?

It’s 30 seconds of maximum video, and with those 30 seconds you can do magic.

You can:

Once the Reel is recorded, you can add text to it, or some stickers or gifs, anyway, you can tune it.

You can share it wherever you want on your Instagram account: in your stories, in your feed, in a private message to someone in particular, etc.

And finally you can also add a cover, a cover that is eye-catching so that if they enter from your profile they want to see it.

From your feed you'll see the cover of your Instagram Reels
From the feed you’ll see the covers of Instagram Reels

Wait, one more thing to tell you about this functionality: there is the“Explore”section.

It’s underneath in the app, where it’s like a clapperboard. Well, if you head there, you’ll see many people’s Reels, and you can slide down, and they’ll never end.

That’s why, that’s one of the benefits we tell you later, that you get so much visibility. Because you can see people who don’t even follow you.

Reels vS Tik Tok

They are very similar, and well it is that in fact Reels was born by what we have told you, to make it the competition after being confined.

The original is Tik Tok, who was born in 2016.

A curious thing to comment on is that because Instagram wants to win the battle, it has modified its algorithm and now penalizes (making them less powerful) reels that have the watermark of Tik Tok.

He wants to beat him and leave him behind, like he did with Snapchat with his stories.

battle apps between tik tok and instagram reels
Reels has already moved token penalizing recycled Tik Tok, what will they do?

But still, Tik Tok is still strong and Instagram has a job left. Here’s a comparison:

CharacteristicsTik TokReels
CoverYou have to choose a frame of the videoYou can export an image from your gallery
DurationMaximum 60 secondsMaximum 30 seconds
AudiosYou can mix you talk with music audiosHere you have to choose one, you can’t combine
Making duet– The other person has to have it activated
– You can choose the position of the duet or just take a piece
– The other person has to have it activated
– Reels won’t let you choose any more options
ImageryAllows you to add imagesDoesn’t allow you to add images
Instragram’s Reels and TikTok comparison chart

As we see in the table above, it seems that Tik Tok is winning this duel, but…

1: Instagram will gradually improve it, it must be taken into account that it has just been born.

2: Having that functionality in the same app with everything else is already a plus.

Below are more benefits that Reels will bring to your online business.


Benefits of incorporating Reels into your social media strategy

Especially if you have an online business, if you include the Reels in your strategy you will gain a lot of reach, and you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Why? Because Reels have enormous visibility, they’re meant for everyone to see, not just your followers.

Benefits of:

Ideas on how to incorporate Reels into your strategy

First, you should set up your own planning. We recommend that you include it in your editorial calendar.

What content can we include in our Instagram Reels plan?

ideas instagram reels
Grab notebook and pen and write down ideas for your business

Here are a few ideas for you to get inspired:


If you have a food-related business, don’t think about it anymore.

Because you can create quick content, it’s ideal. You’re adding clips to the video with the ingredients and steps you have to take.


Making dynamic and short tutorials, as we tell you, easy to see for the user, works very well.

Especially in the first phase of customer interest, as in this way we can educate you on how to best consume the products or services.

Narrowing down a list of something

I explain, you can do a Reels saying“The best 5 destinations in Catalonia”, for example.

It attracts a lot of attention and they will be drunk watching it, more than if you only say “the best destinations…”.

The challenges

Challenges are fashionable and you can’t stay behind.

They are usually dances with a certain song or some physical challenge at first glance complicated to do.

You can make your own version, creatively, and take it to your ground to promote your brand.


For example, if your business is a hairdresser or sell some cosmetics product, you can do Reels by showing before and after with an empowered song.

Or I don’t know, right now I can even think of this kind of Reels for a bar.

You show a client’s face before entering for a drink with friends and then to see the change of expression to happiness. What do you think?

With a sense of humor

Things that are done with a sense of humor always fall better.

It’s like they’re making you laugh and at the same time they’re teaching or promoting something.

Users often think “walk, look, how tanned.”

You can talk about your business in the form of some meme, for example.

Add Reels to your digital marketing now

Well, you know, start creating Reels, boosting your brand and showing you in front of new audiences.

We’ve told you all the benefits, we’ve even given you some idea. Maybe it’s inspired you, and you come up with more.

Contact us if you need help or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing and social media in particular.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Come on, start creating Reels! ?


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