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Social media>Instagram 25 March 2022

Social media is one of the main marketing and sales tools for businesses. These networks help to create an approach of the public with their favorite influencers or brands on a more personal level.

For this reason, knowing the trends in social networks during the coming months can be useful to get more out of a means of communication as valuable as networks.

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What is social media?

Social networks are digital platforms formed by communities of individuals with common interests , activities or relationships.

These allow contact between people and function as a tool for communication and exchange of information.

Social networks are formed by a virtual community that extends throughout the planet. Their use can be done from computers, tablets or mobiles and are free to access.

There are platforms of all kinds. We encourage you to find out which networks to use according to your interests .

Importance of including social networks in your digital marketing strategy

According to a study by Hubspot, 73% of marketers consider that, in order to maintain a closer interaction with customers, it is essential to have a marketing strategy on social networks.

Social networks have a potential when it comes to branding. More than 40% of users use them to discover and research new brands or products.

Therefore, to improve the image, confirm the authority of the brand or work on reputation, social networks become the perfect medium.

Importance of social networks for your company.
Social networks allow you to improve the branding of your company.

Social networks allow you to improve the branding of your company. In addition, it is very important to create quality content so that there is more chance that potential customers will visit your profiles. In this way, interactions will also increase and positioning will improve.

Similarly, adding blog or website links to these posts improves search engine rankings .

In short, the content of your social networks is as important as the optimization of these so that the marketing strategy is effective and obtains better results.

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Social media trends for 2022

Trends in social media are constantly changing and are difficult to keep track of.

A multitude of questions about the future of networks appear this year and all without immediate and unpredictable answers. Will TikTok surpass Instagram? Will influencers still be so important to brands?

We do not know the answer, but we can explain an approximation to the trends that will take place this year.

TikTok will dominate social media

Tik Tok will take control of social networks, while the other platforms are adapting.

It is a fact that TikTok is becoming the leader of the platforms. The application of short videos has broken records in terms of downloads and has become a reference application.

The application is about to introduce e-commerce and monetization, so companies can benefit pleasantly.

If you haven’t already, get into the world of TikTok!

Social networks will improve with the elimination of cookies

Google is working to eliminate cookie tracking by 2023 and brands will have to learn to balance the need to offer a personalized service with the demand for compliance.

The future without cookies is a fantastic idea, but there will be sectors that will have to reformulate their data collection strategy to follow their plans.

The metaverse is the future

The metaverse, that is, the fusion of the physical world and virtual reality is gaining momentum as it combines and integrates subsets of technologies.

COVID-19 has driven this merger due to the need to socialize and interact online. Currently, its development is progressing at exorbitant speeds.

The fusion of the physical world and virtual reality is gaining momentum.

The metaverse is the future.
The fusion of the physical world and virtual reality is gaining momentum.

Promote e-commerce in social networks

Social media and e-commerce have grown together.

Until now, commerce focused on advertisements or promotions. Currently, platforms are starting to offer new marketing opportunities so that buyers have it easier to buy.

Learn how to attract new customers to your e-commerce.

Influencer marketing continues to grow

Influencer marketing has become a dominant method in marketing strategies. The power of influencers continues to expand and there has been a drastic growth in audience and interactions.

This type of marketing offers companies better results and lower risks. Therefore, brands make the most of these opportunities and get, at the same time, to know what consumers want.

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Inclusion will be essential ⚠️

Brands have to engage and listen to the audience’s current social issues .

Consumers have high expectations and want brands that bring together people with varied opinions and maintain a connection with their audience.

Apply these trends to your social networks

We hope you found this summary of trends helpful.

Now it’s your turn.

If you have doubts or need help, we will not hesitate to do so.

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