The main myths and truths about copywriting

Content Marketing 18 August 2022

As you already know, copywriting is a basic tool for the operation of digital marketing.

That’s why, as experts in Kiwop , we want to teach you everything we know about copywriting and explain the main myths and truths about it.

So read carefully to learn more!

What is copywriting

First of all, in case you do not know exactly what it is, do not worry, we will explain in detail what it is and what functions the person who is responsible for writing them develops.

First of all, copywriting consists of a text to persuade users of what they are trying to sell. That is why it is a basic tool for digital marketing.

The objectives of copywriting, basically, are all those that have an intention to capture the reader and convince him in some way of what he is reading so that he ends up doing what the company seeks with his objectives.

That is why copywriting is essential for digital marketing and it is very important how to know how to write to be able to sell yourself as a company.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur of your business, if you want to capture the maximum number of users, you must learn how to use this tool. Therefore, we encourage you to read the following article to know why copywriting is basic for your business.

What a good copywriter should look like

If you need a copywriter for your business, we advise you to have a marketing agency advise you and help you achieve the established objectives. That’s why, from Kiwop, as experts in digital marketing, we can manage content writing.

Anyway, if you are the one who wants to take care of copywriting, we are going to give you some tips on how the facet of a good copywriter should be.

For example, you have to be able to write something that, apart from informing, is attractive and engages the user. Therefore, if you are able to transform any information into something striking and interesting, without losing the essence, you already have a lot of cattle.

If you need more clues about how to be a good copywriter, do not worry, in Kiwop we have a blog where you can find much more information and know 5 keys to become the best copywriter. ✌

Why copywriting is important in your marketing strategy

So far, we have explained what copywriting is and how you can be a good copywriter, so you will wonder why copywriting is important in your specific marketing strategy, now we tell you!

First of all, the copywriter will be the person in charge of capturing customers in your e-commerce. Therefore, it has a basic function for your business to work.

For example, let’s imagine that you as a buyer surf the internet and do not decide on which product suits what you are looking for. This is where the copywriter is key to guide you and why you know which product to stay with depending on your needs.

Therefore, we can say that the copywriter is responsible for the customer to feel as comfortable as in a physical store, since he seeks that this person finds that service, product or information with the aim of not leaving empty-handed.

Then, surely you have noticed that most of the texts that appear on the websites are made from copywriting so that everything has a commercial sense and an action to persuade those customers who are looking for a specific service.

Copywriting is a fundamental tool

Know all the myths and truths of copywriting

Now you know almost everything about copywriting, but if you want to really specialize in this area, you must know all the myths and truths to make a good marketing strategy.


Did you know the following myths of copywriting?

Now we’ll show you a list of myths that many people believed to be true, so don’t be fooled!

Anyone can be a copywriter

False! It is very important that the person in charge of attracting users to your online business or the website of your company, has enough capacity to know the marketing and know how to use all the tools to inform of something and at the same time, inform.

Copywriting and blog writing are the same

Not at all! Don’t even think it’s the same. The person in charge of copywriting is the one who is responsible for e-commerce awakening something in the user so that in that way they are encouraged to decide for your company to keep your products or services.

Instead, blogs are a part of the company that simply offers information, not trying to persuade anyone. Yes, it is possible to help you and advise you on what you have to do, but it does not go further.

Copywriting only works for websites that sell

No, on the contrary. The more you know how to use this tool on other platforms, much better, since if in your social networks you can adapt according to what content with a good copywriting, that will help the user to reach your services sooner.

Your sales only depend on copywriting

Obviously, this is also a myth ❌, it is very important to know that copywriting is one of the best tools, but you have to take into account everything that entails making a good digital marketing strategy.

For example, one tool that is also basic is SEO. From Kiwop, we encourage you to know a lot with our blogs about how SEO works and learn more about SEO. In any case, we as experts can manage all your doubts.

SEO helps to position your website

With copywriting you don’t need to study the market

Don’t fall into that belief. It is just as important to study the market as it is to do a good copywriting. It has nothing to do with it.

On the contrary, the more you know how to complement all your tools, the better. If you study in detail the market you are entering, you will know which threads to move and how to write the copywriting.

And now… Don’t miss everything that is true about copywriting!

Know the truths ✅ of copywriting

So far we have told you which myths are the ones that resonate the most, so we want to explain those statements that are completely true and will help you with copywriting.

Let’s go there!

The same person can be a copywriter and a copywriter

Before we have told you that copywriting is not the same as writing blogs, even so, it is possible for the same person to take care of these two functions.

For example, if a person is specialized in copywriting, he can also devote himself to writing blogs if he has enough ability to differentiate what it is to simply inform and clarify with informing and persuading.

On the other hand, it can also be the case that a person is dedicated to writing blogs, and with time and specialization, learns to be a copywriter.

Not everything is based on content writing on the web

As we have mentioned before, you as a copywriter can use your tools not only for the web, but writing for social networks, make ads in Google Ads, create slogans, make advertising campaigns…

Therefore, dare to use this fantastic tool to exploit all fields of digital marketing.

You need someone to advise you

It is important that the person who carries the topic of copywriting has adequate knowledge to carry out such a function.

That is why a tip that will surely give you very good results is to let yourself be helped and advised by someone like Kiwop, so that you can boost your company in the best way.

Now you can take off your online commerce with the tools you need

Hopefully now that you know all the myths and truths about copywriting, you can make good use of it.

Now dare to get the most out of copywriting!

If you need anything or have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Don’t forget to contact us and follow us on our Instagram profile for more information about digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Dare with copywrting!


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