Five keys to becoming the best copywriter

Content Marketing 13 December 2021

Copywriting is the art of writing. And we call it art because a copywriter has the function of informing using a large dose of creativity while persuading its target audience.

Getting to be a true copywriting professional is not a simple task, it is not only about writing, but about entertaining and capturing the attention of the user who reads.

At Kiwop, we want your business to be future. That is why we recommend you continue reading this article with the five keys to become the best copywriter.

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What is a copywriter and what functions does it have?

The concept of copywriter comes from creative copy, or what is the same, those writers linked to the world of advertising. Its mission was to write persuasive texts,with different sales techniques, to convince the reader to buy a product or service from the company.

And although currently the persuasion of the target is also sought, the concept has evolved a lot and has been expanding.

Being a good copywriter is broadening horizons and playing with creativity

The copywriter has the mission of offering certain products and services to the target, but also seeks to meet the needs of users in the face of questions or doubts that may arise in relation to the brand and what it offers.

Five tips for being a copywriter

And how to carry it out to be the best copywriter? There is no golden rule to be, but here are five tips and keys to keep in mind.

  1. Spam prohibited. The user wants quality information, but does not want to be sent the same message constantly. In fact, the secret of persuasion lies in not repeating itself and in offering the right, but effective, amount of information.
  2. Simple, well-written vocabulary! This is a basic premise, the target must understand what you say, and a target is not a single person, but probably millions. Therefore, it is best to use a simple and understandable vocabulary for most of your audience, and above all, without spelling faults.
  3. Be close. It all depends on your brand identity and how you want to be remembered, but in general, in the digital world it’s better to be close, as this creates a greater sense of affinity between your audience and your company.
  4. Know your audience. Another essential requirement of a good copywriter is to know your audience well. On this basis, you can start developing a content strategy.
  5. Know your brand and that of the competition. And you not only have to know yourself, but also others and especially what they do. Studying what the competition does and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses will make you know your brand better and everything it needs to improve.

If you want to delve deeper into the topic of content strategies, we recommend that you know the importance of generating quality content.

Qualities of creative copywriters

Apart from how to work, it is also important how you are. A copywriter is a type of profile with a lot of curiosity and initiative, a person who is able to look for any type of information and transform it into something attractive, being flexible and adapting to a wide variety of businesses.

The concept of empathy is also closely linked to this type of professional. And without empathy, you can not know your target or know how they think.

A copywriter, by nature, has to read and write a lot, and he likes to do it! Only in this way, through observation and practice, can it come to inform while attracting and persuading.


Copywriting as part of your business strategy

You have already been able to verify the importance of the figure of the copywriter within a digital marketing strategy. It has the power to give personality to the company, retain users and, in turn, achieve conversions.

Now it’s your turn.

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