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Social media>Instagram 03 August 2022

Social networks are part of our day to day, and over the years, their advertising too! Social Ads platforms have a series of advantages that will help you take off and grow your brand.

Of course! Be careful and pay attention to small mistakes, because if not, your investment in Social Ads will not be of any use.

At Kiwop we want your business to be future. That is why we recommend you continue reading this article with the keys to succeed in Social Ads.

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What is Social Ads

Social Ads are, in a clear and concise way, advertising on social networks. However, it is much more than that! In fact, some of its platforms already advertise content beyond the social network itself, such as Facebook Ads.

But to begin to know more in depth about Social Ads, the first thing is that you distinguish between the different types of social media posts. You can find organic publications, that is, those for which you do not pay and usually reach only your followers, and promoted publications or ads, in which you invest a certain amount of money and reach a much wider audience.

And you may wonder, how does it work? Easy! Social networks have the great advantage of storing interests, similar tastes, sentimental or work status, locations… A whole series of data that the target indicates and by which you can segment your campaigns.

advantages of social ads
Social networks allow you to work on paid campaigns

Advantages of working Social Ads

As we mentioned, social networks go beyond publishing eye-catching photos or videos, they allow you to reach your target audience! And another series of advantages that we explain here.

Broad segmentation

Thanks to all the data stored by social networks, a kind of groups or subgroups are created in relation to interests, socioeconomic level and many other data of interest.

Thanks to this, you can reach that certain audience that indicates that they like the products or services that your company offers, or even allows you to impact those types of users that fit more with your target audience. People who are looking for work, parents… What you should go to!

You pay for the results

Another of the great advantages of Social Ads is that in most platforms and campaigns you pay for results, that is, for clicks or CPC. Of course, there are also other forms of payment, such as visualizations, but it is one of the cheapest.

And it is that many Social Ads platforms, such as Facebook Ads, have much cheaper prices than other advertising platforms.

Detailed metrics and analytics

Contrary to what it may seem, over the years and the use of Social Ads, many more metrics and analytics have been added. In fact, you can even choose what to watch and rate to see how your campaign has worked: reach, impressions, clicks, visits to the landing page, purchases…

The main Social Ads platforms and how they work

Now that you know how Social Ads works and some of its advantages, we tell you what the main platforms are and what each of them can offer you. Because if each social network is a world, the same goes for the advertising of each of the social networks!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the most well-known social advertising platform today, and it’s no wonder! Since its social networks, that is, Instagram and Facebook, is where we find more users worldwide. And more users, more valuable information and opportunities to reach your target.

In Facebook Ads you can create campaigns for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and even Audience Network.

When creating your campaigns, you can choose the objective that suits you best, for example, traffic or conversions, and choose one or more creatives in different formats. And, like social networks, advertising in Facebook Ads is also very visual.

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TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads could not be missed! The current king of social media launched its own advertising platform in 2021. And, at the moment, it seems to be working very well.

As in Facebook Ads, you segment by interests, although at the moment, there are fewer ranges to choose from.

The prices are higher than on other platforms, but without a doubt, it is a great bet if you know that your target audience is on TikTok.

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tiktok ads how it works
TikTok Ads allows you to create advertising campaigns on TikTok

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads has also arrived to revolutionize the world of Social Ads. And it is that this social network designed for companies, that is, B2B, continues to retain this objective in the advertising platform.

Thus, LinkedIn Ads is the most suitable advertising platform if your company sells to other companies or even if you are looking for people for your team.

A factor to take into account is its price, since you need a minimum investment of € 10 per day for your campaign.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is a more concrete platform, but certainly very effective if your target browses through it. And, on average, users spend 4 hours keeping up with current trends on Twitter.

You can create different types of campaigns depending on the objective, such as getting followers, increasing your web traffic, more interaction with your tweets, application installations or getting sales or leads.

YouTube Ads

You are watching a video and either before, during or after, you see an ad in video format! Well, that’s where YouTube Ads comes in. Of course, the ideal is to impact your target audience so as not to make you heavy.

The great advantage of YouTube Ads is that many users continue to consume videos on this platform and, in addition, it is the second largest search engine in the world, only surpassed by Google.

YouTube Ads, when working with videos, allows much more creative ads, of greater impact and duration and with more possibilities of ending up persuading users.

Pinterest Ads

The main and biggest advantage of Pinterest Ads is that it allows you to reach your target based on their interests, but also based on what they are looking for! That is, it also works as advertising in search engines through keywords.

Its cost is much lower, and the amount of creatives that allows advertising is very varied. Pinterest Ads supports promoting videos, pins, pin carousels, or pins of promoted apps.

Tips to succeed with Social Ads for your brand

As we mentioned before, succeeding with Social Ads is feasible, as long as you take into account a couple of things that we tell you now.

Segment very well to reach your target

Since the biggest advantage of working with Social Ads is the possibility of segmenting and customizing your target well, do it well!

Focus much of your efforts on knowing what type of segmentation each Social Ads platform gives you and choose those audiences in which you are interested in impacting and know that they will give you good results.

In the end, you should keep in mind that much of the success of your campaign is based on knowing how to reach the right user.

Segmentation is key to success with Social Ads

Image and creativity are key in Social Ads

As you may have already seen, each and every social ads platform works with images or videos. So here, creativity plays a big role!

Dare to innovate, try different ideas, play with colors, typography, music … You must impact him and not another brand!

Take good care of your copys!

Of course, copy also has a special relevance, especially on platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Learn how to create your copy based on the platform on which you are going to advertise, it will not be the same to promote yourself on Facebook Ads than on LinkedIn Ads. Of course, always creating attractive descriptions, which include emojis and CTAs.

Define your goal and KPIs well

Another essential factor before setting up any campaign is to know the objective you are looking for. Platforms such as Facebook Ads change the type of strategy and even the type of target they impact depending on whether you are looking for clicks or sales, for example.

In addition, it is important that you establish KPIs to know if the objectives of your campaign have been achieved.

Harness the power of Social Ads

You already know all the potential that advertising hides through Social Ads, when do you dare to try it?

Now it’s your turn.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your business and the management of your social networks , we will be happy to do so.

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Cheer up and…

Take advantage of all the advantages and succeed with Social Ads!


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