Everything you need to know about Facebook Ads

Social media 20 April 2022

Surely you already know Facebook and Instagram and all the advantages they entail, including advertising through Facebook Ads.

But do you know how it works? What advantages does it have? The first thing you should know is that if your target is on one of these social networks, your advertising campaigns should be too!

At Kiwop, we want your business to be future. That’s why we recommend you keep reading this article with everything you need to know about Facebook Ads.

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What is Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the platform that allows you to create, manage and optimize advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

And in recent years, Facebook has gone from being a social network where you can find and look for friends to become a great showcase for all kinds of brands.

In this advertising platform you can create countless ads with different objectives, depending on what you are looking for, and with multiple segmentations, depending on who you are targeting. In this way, your advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads can be directed to a specific target with a certain objective, thus optimizing your budget.

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Facebook Ads is a digital showcase for brands

Advantages of using Facebook Ads

Audience targeting in Facebook Ads

One of the great advantages of Facebook Ads is the possibility of reaching practically any type of audience based on their interests, pages or characters they follow, age or location.

In this way, you can choose precise interests through which you reach your target audience.

Viralize content through Facebook Ads

Some of the campaigns that Facebook Ads allows help to viralize content and even work the brand to remain in the mind of the target.

The great advantage of viral campaigns is that they are ideal if you are looking to publicize your company from scratch.

Interact with your target through advertising

Another advantage of Facebook Ads is that ads allow you to comment, react or share content. And it is a perfect opportunity to interact with your followers and, in addition, for your target to see it.

Conversions and results at affordable prices

Thanks to the detailed segmentation that Facebook Ads allows, conversions and results have a greater possibility of optimization and, consequently, better results at a lower cost.

Measurement in Facebook Ads

Finally, your results in Facebook Ads are understandable and visual, so you’ll know if your campaign needs improvements or optimizations quickly.

How Facebook Ads works in 5 steps

1. Choose your campaign objective

Before starting a campaign, you must know all the types of ads that Facebook Ads allows, there are many variations depending on the objective! But do not panic, because they can be summarized in three main objectives; recognition, consideration and conversion.

2. Segment by locations and interests

Once you have your campaign type defined, it’s time to segment. Perhaps this is the most important step, since through the interests and locations you choose you have to reach your target.

Facebook Ads allows for greater targeting

3. Choose locations and locations

Facebook Ads allows you to advertise content on both Facebook and Instagram. But beyond social networks, there is also Audience Network or Messenger.

Even within Facebook or Instagram, you will have the option to choose specific locations such as stories, feed, videos or Marketplace.

4. Define the budget

When defining your budget, Facebook Ads allows you to enter your total or daily budget. Keep in mind that if you enter a total budget, the campaign will end when you choose, as long as you indicate it, or when the budget has been exhausted.

5. Introduce copys and creatives

The last step, and also one of the most important, before publishing your campaign in Facebook Ads, work a good copy and adapted creatives!

When preparing the copy, do not forget the emoticons, CTAs and take the correct link of your website. As for the designs, it is best to create a creativity for each measure.

Work on advertising in Facebook Ads

After all these steps, you’ll be able to publish your campaigns to Facebook Ads!

Now it’s your turn.

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