The Best Content Ideas for Instagram Reels

Social media 08 September 2021

Short, visual, easy-to-understand content is the one that’s trending right now, and the ideal format to achieve that is Instagram Reels.

In this article we are going to explain what they are, because they are important and as a gift some ideas for your contents.

If you want to find out all that, stay with us a little longer.

What are Instagram Reels

The explanation of what Instagram Reels are is very simple.

Just over a year ago, Instagram saw the success of Tik Tok while the whole world was confined, and decided to launch its own format called “Reels”.

And to give you an idea: they are short videos and easy to watch.

Videos of between 15 and 30 seconds that relay concise ideas, go to the point.

instagram digital marketing reels
The success of the Reels between the Y and the Z is undeniable

In addition, it becomes even more interesting when we tell you that it is one of the most consumed types of format among Millennials and Generation Z.

Many times in other articles, we have explained that you have to take into account your buyer persona when you do digital marketing actions.

Well, if your target is included in one of those two generations, what are you waiting for to create Reels for your company?

How Instagram Reels Work

If memory does not fail us, we believe that we have already told you this in some other article: how and why to use Instagram Reels.

It doesn’t matter, just in case we’re going to tell you again briefly:

You record a video of 30 seconds maximum, which you can then “tune”.

In editing, you can do several things such as: change the speed, put filters, add audios, images and stickers, etc.

Basically, the Reels will help you create brand image among the most assiduous audience to this format in social networks.

Why it’s important to include Instagram Reels in your strategy

Due to the great momentum that this type of content is taking on social networks, it is essential to have it in your digital marketing strategy.

And not only the momentum it is having and, above all, the success it entails among the youngest, it will bring you some more benefit to your digital business:

More benefits in the Why You Should Use Reels article.

Top Ideas for Instagram Reels

And in case you are without inspiration, we come to give you ideas of some content that you can offer your audience about your business adapted to this format.

1. Give tips

Tutorials, tips… whatever you want to call it.

One of the pillars of inbound marketing is to inform your user and that they are gradually interested in your product.

If you teach or give him advice on something he’s interested in, he’s going to get more involved with you and show more attention.

instagram reels idea tutorial
Tutorials have always been a widely used format since before Instagram existed

You can take advantage of the Reels for this, for example: teaching makeup, if you are a company that sells makeup.

2. Make a ranking

This one works great for travel.

Imagine that you are a travel agency, or an airline, and you want to sell a destination.

There is something that goes super well: make a Reel communicating “the 5 best places to visit in Berlin”, for example.

It will be dynamic content in which you will be giving ideas to the user and, in turn, wanting to visit the city.

3. The challenges

Challenges or challenges, is one of the things that most goes viral on social networks.

As a business, you can create your own challenge and do branding.

Or on the contrary, you can follow the challenges of other characters and adapt them to your business. That way the younger audience will see you integrated into their social life.

4. Settle doubts

If you see that your users have some doubts that are very common among them, you can take advantage of the circumstance.

Take and take a screenshot of one of the comments with the doubts, and solve it in the same Reel.

The potential client, when he sees it, will be able to feel identified because most likely he had the same doubt.

And then, he will be grateful for that Reel who will be able to decide his decision towards the purchase of your product.

5. Make a “making of”

Another way to continue branding, build a personality to your company, and that users are even more involved.

If you make a short video showing how your product is made, or how you prepare your service, potential customers will trust you more.

Because that is called transparency, you have nothing to hide, and they will see the “how it is done” of what they are thinking of buying.

6. Use humor and creativity

Obviously you can not use any business, if his personality must be serious and professional, better make another format.

If you want to convey an idea, and you also do it with short, fast content and with touches of humor and creativity you will get them to remember your brand more and get them some smiles.

instagram reels use your creativity
Use your creativity to make fun and original Reels

We could give you some more ideas, but we will leave them for another post in the future if you want.

You have to tell us below if you would like them, and if you have applied them and they have worked well for you.

Reels are gaining importance and you should keep them in mind

We have told you what Instagram Reels are, how they work, how they can help you, and we have also given you ideas to put them into practice.

Contact us if you need help or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on how to include Reels in your strategy.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead and start getting inspired with these content ideas!


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