7 reasons to have a landing page in your e-commerce

Digital Marketing 17 November 2021

We know the importance of improving conversions and thus have very valuable data from your customers, potential customers or obtain more benefits. Therefore, we bring you a very powerful tool: the landing page.

In this article, we explain the main reasons to have a landing page in your e-commerce.

landing page

Landing pages can help you have more traffic and more conversions to your e-commerce

What is a landing page?

A landing page as its name indicates is a “landing page” with a specific domain where a user ends up after clicking on a link.

What are landing pages for?

They are pages designed with a specific purpose such as sales, leads, getting subscribers or followers on social networks.

How does a landing page work?

Depending on the goal of each landing,these can be from very basic pages with a title and a clear call to action, to pages with more design and more visuals.

What they all have in common is that they have few distractions from what you want to achieve to make them more effective and you end up pressing the call to action.

Landing page yoga

A good landing page should include a clear call to action. Calls to action are key on a landing page.

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Reasons about the importance of having a landing page in your e-commerce

Increases conversion rate

One of the main reasons why landing pages are usually created is because of the effectiveness when it comes to getting leads, sales, subscribers or followers on social networks. Which is summarized in data.

Being pages a clear call to action increases the chances that someone will fill out a form, register, or give us the information we are looking for at that time (always in exchange for something).

This increases the chances of getting that valuable data we are looking for from potential customers and being able to design a more detailed buyer persona profile.

Analytical landing pages

Having data to measure is very important to improve your digital marketing strategies

Creating pages for each product

Once we have the data of which products work best and what is the type of potential profile, thanks to the leads we get, we can design more effective landing pages with a greater reach.

As the customers who left us their data already know us, it is much more likely that we will not go unnoticed and are interested in what we can offer them.

ecommerce landing page

Being able to create pages for each product will help you convert and measure

Attract traffic to our site, do branding and improve SEO

Whether you have recently started your project or want to continue growing, attracting traffic to the website and doing branding is essential and a very effective way to do it is with landing pages.

Whether directly or indirectly, the higher the conversion rate of leads or sales (in this case by landing pages), the more traffic there will be on our page and the more people will know us.

As they are very visual and intuitive pages, they help us improve branding.

In addition, if they converted and were satisfied with the services they bought or got in exchange for their data, the more they will trust us and the more likely they will become loyal customers of our brand.

Seo landing page
Landing pages will help you with SEO and brand positioning

If you want to know more about SEO positioning, here are 7 tricks to improve the SEO of your online business.

Need little maintenance

Unlike what is believed, designing a landing page is easy and maintaining it is also easy. They are pages that according to the content are very simple and that can last over time without having to review them too much.

Allow detailed monitoring of each campaign

If you create a landing page for each product or each campaign you want to launch, your data will be much more accurate.

You will be able to know which products or campaigns are working best and modify them to reach a much more successful audience.

Investment is low

As they are unique and usually simple pages, the cost for their design is usually low.

They are easy to monetize

Being pages that require little investment, but should help us increase conversions, they are easy to monetize.

Some examples of what a landing page could look like.

landing page development
It is important that the call to action is clear and what we sell is all about.

landing page development
Landing page can also be very visual and with an elaborate and attractive design.

Start creating your landing pages

You have been able to see how important it can be to have landing page on your website, how it helps you improve conversions and that it is not something difficult to do.

If you want to know more about the landing page you can visit our section of the service we offer of landing page design.

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Go ahead and… Incorporate landing pages into your digital strategy!


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