How to make an adequate capture of leads

News 01 November 2022

Currently, there are many ways to capture leads thanks to fully digital tools that facilitate the process of attracting customers, people or companies that attract a lot of attention where you can get a mutual benefit.

Therefore, from Kiwop, we want to tell you how you should do that recruitment, so that your results are totally optimal.

If you want to know more, you already know, keep reading!

What are leads?

First of all, it is very important that you know what exactly leads are. Well, these are people, whether self-employed or companies in general, who have been interested in your brand or in some of your products or services that you offer to the public.

But of course, the leads come to you for some reason, because surely if they have opted for you it is because you have developed a good recruitment strategy, and if it has not yet been the case, do not worry; We will gladly help you.

Of course, we want it to be very clear to you that attracting leads is something very good for the company, because it creates a type of relationship where both you, and the other interested person, end up benefiting in a complementary way.

How do we know this? You may wonder, well, why at Kiwop we are experts in lead acquisition . And we like to help companies like yours so they can capture the best users with higher quality.

In addition, the moment the leads have entered your database, this will be great for them to end up being customers with good potential.

Ah, we also want to clarify that leads are not immediate customers, but are users who have been interested in your services and, as we have mentioned before, you keep it in your database. This way, you can interact with it.

How leads work

We also want to explain how leads work so that later you know how to make that capture that will benefit you.

It’s easier than you think, the famous leads just need to know you. That is why you should try to get them to visit your website, to create a first interaction. From there, it’s easier for them to provide you with an email. Thus, you can save it in your database.

Do you want to know how to capture them? At the end of the blog we tell you, but if you are very interested, you can also know 6 tricks to generate more leads.

What you’ll get if you capture new leads

There is a list with countless advantages if you do a lead capture, but we are going to tell you the most important ones so you can get a more summarized idea.

For example…

Know the best guide to lead capture

Now yes, it’s time to know how to make a good lead capture. Let’s go!

We will discuss a few steps or options that you can choose, since each of them will best suit your situation.

Use your social networks

Many people believe that social networks are useless and they are wrong. More and more people have apps like Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram.

These apps are the most used for customers, companies or users who browse in search of information or entertainment and that is where your role as a community manager is basic.

How can you use your networks to attract customers?

Firstly, you should know what kind of users browse your social networks. Once you have done that analysis (which many apps allow you to control for free), you can create a recruitment strategy.

Por ejemplo, puedes publicar, imágenes, vídeos, blogs… cualquier cosa que se identifique con tu marca y atraiga a la clientela. Una vez ya hayas hecho esta fase principal, llega el momento que enlaces el contenido con tus servicios. De esta forma, podrás crear ladings para que dejen su email.

Kiwop Social Media
Social networks are basic today

SEO is basic for recruitment

At Kiwop we are experts in SEO and it is important that you know that this tool will be great for you to capture the leads that interest you most.

How can you do it? Easy, first of all, we recommend that you contact an agency like ours so that we can advise you and thus, improve your marketing strategies and create campaigns to get the largest number of leads through SEO.

Even so, we want to tell you how you should do it.

Is there anything better than positioning your company online? Without being known by the web, today, it is very difficult to reach all types of audiences. Therefore, it is essential that you have a lot of patience and start doing SEO strategies.

What will you achieve with SEO?

Well, you will be able to find yourself in the first results of Google and other search engines. From there you will gradually gain more visibility and, as a result, you will attract new customers who are interested in you or your company.

We remind you that it is not a complicated process, but a bit long, since the results take a few months, but it is very worthwhile. Therefore, starting as soon as possible is crucial, since you will reach your goals sooner.

Advertising is a great tool

Google Ads is the tool that can work best for you when it comes to advertising. Through it, you can invest in ads so that qualified leads reach you.

In addition, something very good about Google Ads is that it will also allow you to position yourself and give much more visibility to your company.

In this way you will achieve something different from SEO, which is that they increase your chances of conversion.

What are you waiting for to invest in advertising and make more people know you? Make your engagement the best.

Google Ads
Google Ads is one of the best tools

Make good CTAs

Why is it important that you make good CTAs? Because the clearer and more direct you speak to your audience, the better. But not only should you build on that, but you should customize each of them.

If you customize them it is because you know what type of target you are targeting, that is why, previously, you must have done a study of those users who visit you.

How can you make good CTAs?

Redirect your leads

What do we prefer you to lead your leads? Super simple! We mean that you know how to advise them in each case. We are going to explain a few examples so that you understand it better.

For example, if you are making articles in a blog on your website and you see that for your target they are working as they should, you can make some kind of form for them to enter their email and in this way, you provide them with more exclusive information by mail.

Another example, which will help you a lot, is that you make your user subscribe, even for free, either to receive discounts, information or other things. How can you do it? Easy!, instead of redirecting it to your Home, redirect to a landing page.

Did you find little advice? We don’t think so, but just in case, we want you to see 5 more tips to generate more leads.

Now you know how to make a good lead capture

Hopefully we have helped you a lot so that you can have the maximum of leads.

Oh, don’t forget to contact us and follow us on our Instagram profile for more information about digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Meet new leads!


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