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5 tips to recover inactive leads

We know that having thousands and millions of leads sounds fantastic. But, let’s face it, how many of them are inactive leads?

Surely in your company or brand the same thing happens. And we also know that it’s a shame we can’t take advantage of all that data. Although… we have the solution to recover those leads!

At Kiwop, we want your business to be future. That is why we recommend you continue reading this article with everything you need to know about 5 tips to recover inactive leads.

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What is a lead

But let’s start at the beginning, what is a lead. To explain the concept of lead well, we should start by defining and segmenting the Funnel or Sales Funnel.

The Sales Funnel is divided into three parts: Top of the Funnel (TOFU),Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) and Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU). And, basically, it is the path that a user follows from the moment he visits the web until he becomes a client. From the attraction in the TOFU, through the capture of the data in the MOFU and the sale and loyalty in the BOFU.

And what does this have to do with leads? Leads are those users who are in a middle way between user and client, that is, in the Middle of the Funnel. They are those users who have visited the web and have left their data, but have not yet purchased.

Leads are an essential part of the company, because although they are not yet customers or have made sales, they are in the consideration phase. The ideal moment when you can “attack” them to turn them into customers. They already know you, they haven’t bought you, but they’re thinking about it.

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Email Marketing as a tool to get leads

What are inactive subscribers

Inactive subscribers are leads, that is, users who have left their contact details such as email or phone, but who no longer interact with the messages or communications you send them.

And it is important to keep in mind that inactive subscribers, if nothing is done to recover them, end up being a loss investment in economic and time terms.

There are different reasons why a lead ends up being an inactive subscriber. Well because your messages end up in the spam folder, because your content no longer interests them, because of unattractive subjects or even because you send too many emails.

How an inactive lead can harm your brand

An inactive lead harms your brand, and in the end, as we have said, you have invested an amount of time and money in them, and in fact you continue to do so through emailing, so that they never react to your messages.

In addition, you run the risk that your emails will always end up in the spam folder if no one interacts with them.

So… you have two options; pass from them, or get them back. And we advise you the second option! It’s never too late to get that lead’s attention again. You’ve already signed up once, haven’t you? For where there was fire, ashes remain.

Email Marketing and Leads

As we have mentioned, communication with leads, and strategies to fall in love with them again, focus on Email Marketing. Why? Well, because you have their emails and contact details and it is the most direct way to communicate with them, offer them personalized products and messages.

Of course! You have to take into account what permissions those leads have given you to know what you should send them. If they do not want to receive promotions or offers, always respect it. And we tell you because, otherwise, you may have legal problems for skipping the permissions and privacy terms.

In addition, there are alternatives to emails offering promotions and discounts. Communications, news, events… everything that is of interest to them! And that also helps them to want to end up receiving information about sales.

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Email Marketing allows you to work and retrieve inactive leads

5 tips to recover inactive leads

And it is just as important that they subscribe as that they do not leave and listen to us. Therefore, we give you a few tips to reawaken the interest of your subscribers and go from inactive leads to leads that are loyal to your brand. There they go!

Send information of interest according to the type of audience

If you have a large database of subscribers, segment them according to interests, time in which they subscribed or those who interact and those who do not.

In fact, we recommend you have a list of those contacts who do not usually interact, that is, inactive leads, to keep in mind how many users make up the list of email marketing subscribers and how many end up interacting or unsubscribed.

Once you have these segments and a list for each type of user, send them information they are interested in. Because, if you have interests in closets and they send you information about desks, would you open those emails? Well, neither do your users.

Update preferences

It never hurts to review the preferences of your users to re-segment or create new lists, especially if your business has different services or products that complement or are related.

But beyond the topics, it is also good to ask them how often they want to receive your emails, the type of communications they prefer to receive, and so on. This way, you directly ask those inactive leads what and when they want to receive your messages.

Create surveys

If you don’t know why your leads remain inactive, you can hardly change what you do wrong. Ask them directly! Create surveys asking what you can do to improve their user experience or what kind of content or information they need that may interest them.

Use incentives in some cases

Another resource that can work is to offer promotions, discounts and exclusive offers for them, always according to the interests of each of the users who form that list of inactive leads.

Of course! Do not focus on direct sales, focus on communicating as if it were an old friend. Taking care of it and always offering quality before quantity.

Get sentimental

Another technique that never fails is to use feelings in email marketing. You don’t need to overdo it, but showing a “We miss you” with CTAs or surveys, can help some of those leads end up interacting with your emails.

Although, before using this technique, it is important that you think about whether this type of communication is the most appropriate for your company. If not, it could backfire.

Create strategies to recover inactive leads

After reading all this information, go ahead! Don’t settle for having a good database if most of those leads don’t interact with your brand. Do your best to regain that interest from your leads.

Now it’s your turn.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your business, we will be happy to do so. 😊

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