How to implement memes in your marketing strategy

Content Marketing 03 June 2022

Nowadays, who doesn’t know memes? And it is a reality that they are increasingly present anywhere.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t know what memes are, this is your blog. And, if you know what they are, but not how to implement them in your strategy, it’s also yours.

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What are memes?

Memes are a type of content used to represent an idea or situation. They can be created through images, videos, text… and are shared through social networks for dissemination.

Generally, in them, a humorous tone is usually used to convey sarcasm, irony or a certain rejection.

Memes with a sarcastic tone.
A sarcastic tone tends to be used in memes.

Memes that are aimed at a target audience help improve the image of your brand and, in this way, you create a good reputation on the internet.

If you have a good content strategy and add memes to it, you can turn your company into a benchmark in your sector.

How to implement memes in your content strategy

Implementing memes into your marketing strategy is a VERY easy task. You won’t do anything you may have done before.

Know your audience

First of all, you need to know what content your audience is interested in. From there, create memes that fit your brand in which they can feel identified.

Determine the tone

Tone is VERY important, as it is very easy to misinterpret the intent of the meme. Therefore, you must make sure that the content you are going to share cannot offend anyone.

Research trends

Being updated is always positive, and more so in this case! Research what’s going on on social media and, if it can relate to your brand, create content around it. You will be able to attract more traffic and make yourself known.


Be original and create memes that can make you stand out from your competitors. This will generate more visits and audience and you will get a greater reach. If you copy, you will only get a bad reputation.

Don’t stop posting your regular content

Constantly posting memes can saturate your audience. Do not abuse them and make regular use. It is better to offer few memes, but of quality.

Keep posting your usual content and don’t focus solely on memes.

Not just upload memes, but regular content.
Don’t stop posting your regular content.

Assess where you should post memes


Newsletters are increasingly present in the world of digital marketing.

In them, you can keep your customers informed about all the news of your brand.

And you may wonder, why do I want memes?

Memes will help you to energize the text and make a difference with your competitors. In addition, you will create a community and your readers will be looking forward to you sending them more.

Find out what the best content is for your newsletters .


Within the text of your article, adding humorous touches will serve to demonstrate closeness with readers.

In addition to providing useful content, you must make them read more enjoyable and you will be able to retain your customers.

Social Media

Social media is the place to share memes and humorous content.

In these, you can succeed thanks to your content, since they are very shareable publications and the only thing you need to create them is originality.

Therefore, originality plus humor can make you viral.

At Kiwop we are experts in social networks .

Benefits of implementing memes as a content strategy

If you follow our advice and implement memes into your super strategy, you will notice a lot of benefits.

Brand relevance

Because memes are generally related to today, they create a more human and modern brand image.

Powerful branding

Sharing memes on your channels will make you consolidate as a brand. You will create a brand identity. Therefore, it is essential to know what your objectives are and how to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Engagement is one of the objectives of every company. There is no doubt that, with memes, your engagement will increase.

That’s because this type of content generates a lot of traffic and interactions.

You will create a community

Creating a community is potentially beneficial to your brand and, with memes, you’ll create one where your content and values will be identifiable to them. In addition, it is a content that allows you to convey closeness with your audience. ‍

You will bring values to your brand

Thanks to this marketing strategy, you will be able to reflect the values of your brand to the public and generate emotions around them.

Introduce memes into your digital marketing strategy

Now you know how to implement this type of content in your strategy, what are you waiting for to share your humor with your customers?

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your business, we will be happy to do so.

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Betting on memes in your business will make you succeed… and you know it!


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