How to enhance your blog’s personal brand

Digital Marketing 16 March 2021

A blog is a space on the Internet, usually on a company’s website or personal website, where articles are published regularly.

You can post current content, new… or just express your ideas.

Having a blog where you can apply content writing will increase your notoriety, and you will be able to position yourself as an expert in your sector.

Use your blog for your content marketing strategy.
Use your blog for your content marketing strategy

If you want to know how to enhance your personal brand with a blog and why it’s important, go ahead!

Start making personal branding!

Why it’s important to have a blog and have a content strategy

Having a blog as part of your content marketing strategy is an excellent decision.

If you manage to have a personal brand well positioned in the minds of users, it will be very helpful in your professional and work life.

Why? You may have several reasons to make the decision to create one: talk about yourself and the sector you’re specializing in to find jobs or if you have a company that just came out of the shell you can get more customers.

Create your blog and start with writing content.
Start your blog

Decide to add a blog to your content writing strategy. Here are some reasons to give you a push:

Example of Queen's blog. Writing content: tips and exhibition of your products.
Example of a blog from Queen’S, a cheap online clothing brand, where you give fashion tips while exposing your products.

Once you know why you have a blog, you will wonder how this will help build a personal brand.

Why it’s important to get a personal brand with your blog

Personal branding is not what you show about yourself, it’s what the audience will talk about you. Personal branding will be when a user has a problem and come to you to be solutions.

With this, we want to give you another push towards creating the blog to enhance your personal branding. We’re going to give you 6 reasons to cheer you up:

1. It will facilitate your professional development

In the current work situation, the unemployment rate is triggered and having a gap to demonstrate your skills will help you with recruiters.

Otherwise, you are a nascent company, you will also be able to demonstrate your knowledge about that sector and start giving customers confidence to decide to buy you.

2. You’ll be able to differentiate yourself

Through a blog, you can create exclusive content and differentiate yourself from the dough, from other professionals.

You will have to have a good strategy of writing content: creating them more elaborate and of higher quality.

A good practice for this we observe it in the inboundcycle blog : video is a way to draw more attention, thanks to its visual format.

Example of blog with video.
They always have a video version of the article

3. Networking

Thanks to the blogs you will be able to increase your network of contacts.

You will meet more people related to your workplace, so it will be easier to find work or find clients who already move in that world.

You’ll need to spot the industry’s leading opinions to get started.

4. Constant learning

In digital marketing, we are in continuous learning, we are always in “test mode”.

Because the tools are changing and if you are not in a constant recycling of knowledge you will be left behind.

Therefore, if you have a blog in which you have to update your readers with news, you will learn it yourself as well.

5. You’ll control your online reputation

With a personal brand blog you’ll control what’s talked about you.

People will be able to search for your name by searching for reviews, but with what you write on your content blog you’ll control how your audience can perceive you.

6. Humanize your brand

By having a place to write articles, being able to express opinions, etc. you will have the opportunity to humanize your brand.

You’ll need to show yourself the way you are to make readers feel more comfortable and identified.

Have you made up your mind yet? We’ve given you many reasons to use the content writing strategy for your personal brand.

Now some tips ?

7 tips to build and enhance it

  1. Focus on a niche. Direct and build your brand and research the keywords you want to empower to a niche, to a specific market.
  2. Use your personality. If you speak with your own personality, it will create an emotional bond with the strongest audience.

    Take advantage and create an “About Me” section to get to know you more.

    And above all, use a close tone in the wording, don’t forget that those who read you are people.
  3. The design. Make it eye-catching, but especially eye-catching for your target audience. If you’re targeting an older audience, don’t do youthful design.
  4. Write relevant content. Write articles with information that add value to your target.
  5. Add CTAs. Include calls to action within your blogs, but subtly, don’t force users.
  6. Help articles. Have your articles provide help information. Don’t let it be noticed that you’re selling sharply. Your readers have a problem and will seek help and solutions to you.
  7. Innovative content. And above all, make the content innovative and original. That this content is bringing value to the brand.

You know why to create a blog to your personal brand and tips

All are benefits: improve the image of your brand, create a link with your users, learn constantly, make contacts, etc.

Now is the perfect time to start creating your blog.

If you’ve been left wanting to know more, you have more tips on digital marketing on our Instagram.

If you need specialized help, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted.

Dare to create a blog and improve your branding! ?


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