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Digital Marketing 10 December 2020

Do not know what contents to include in your newsletters?

I’m sure you’ve never known what to do it, how to get started, what content to add, or how to get your subscribers to end up buying your product or service.

But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Newsletters are very useful for the good development of your company.

Keep your subscribers informed, generate traffic to your website, loyal customers, and more.

However, each newsletter is different and special.

You have to raise well the goals you want to achieve to know what kind of content to add.

Once you’ve defined them, you just need to transform inspiration into real elements for your audience.

That’s why we show you 11 examples of corporate newsletters with real examples for you to see effective references.

Grab ideas, get inspired and write original newsletters that succeed among its users.


Content for effective newsletters and real examples successfully

#1 Welcome email

One of the most effective content for your newsletters is the welcome email.

This element is key to earning the trust of your subscribers.

Introduce yourself, talk about yourself, comment on your brand, and start building that bond with the person you want to be from your user community.

In this newsletter it is essential that you make it clear how you can help him.

If you see utility in you and your brand generates interest in it, it will probably become a member of your user network.

Welcome email
Example of welcome email in Atrápalo’s newsletter

#2 Launching or improving a product/service

Use this channel to announce to your subscribers the launch or improvement of one of your products or services.

This type of newsletters is a good way to keep your users up to date and that they notice that you are interested in them and to please their needs.

By notifying the market of a new product you generate expectations among your audience and make it more attractive.

You can also give your subscribers exclusive benefits to purchase the product before anyone else.

This consideration will be well received and will make your audience feel special.

Launch or upgrade new product/service
Example of launching or improving new product/service in Apple newsletter

#3 Share web/blog updates

If your website or blog is very dynamic, do not hesitate to use this content for your newsletters.

Share your updates, announce your renewals, new services you offer, your seasonal changes, the sale of new items, and more.

Thus, you announce to your subscribers news related to your brand and generate the need to look and / or buy something from your company.

This example corporate newsletter can also be used at the end of one of those processes.

It warns of the end of the sale of an item, the withdrawal from the market of a product or the end of a season.

This way, you’ll make your users not forget about you and feel like you’re offering them beneficial content tailored to their features.

Share web/blog updates
Example of sharing web/blog updates in La Vanguardia’s newsletter

#4 Create community

This newsletter example is very original and effective to achieve your goals with this channel.

Creating community is essential for the good development of your business.

Make your subscribers feel close to you, worry about them, their needs, and making them feel like they’re part of your family of users.

If you manage to build this bond with them, you’ll cause them to identify with your brand and make them feel like members of your community.

Create community
Example of creating community in Booking’s newsletter

#5 Retargeting

One of the most widely used examples of newsletters for their effectiveness are those that aim for retargeting actions.

Many users look at and/or select products, but when it comes time to buy them they back up for multiple reasons.

Track sales, recover cold leads, complete cart dropouts, and more.

Remind them that they have products selected for purchase on your website, show them information related to what they have searched for or offer them exclusive discounts to motivate the final purchase.

With newsletters like this, you will encourage the user to return to your page and, a large part of them, they will end up making the purchase.

Example of retargeting in Birchbox’s newsletter

#6Make your social media visible

Another way to continue building a link and fostering your users’ commitment to your brand is by giving visibility to your social networks.

Show them and tell them to follow you on your social networks, expose the content you offer in each of them, the advantages of being followers, and much more.

Put social icons in your newsletters, have them share their experience or purchases and motivate them to share you on networks, among others.

Engage your users and interact with them from different channels.

Thus, you will continue to generate the network of members of your brand’s community.

Visibility social media
Example of making social media visible in HyM’s newsletter

#7 Special occasions

An example of original newsletters are those dedicated to special occasions.

Define marked dates: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas, among others.

Remind your subscribers that you’re there and think about them.

Offer them specific products for those key days and make them end up buying them.

This is a very good way to encourage the purchase by taking advantage of special occasions.

Special occasions
Example of special occasions in Springfield’s newsletter

#8 Conducting surveys, reviews, ratings and opinions

This type of content is one of the most useful and effective for your newsletters.

Survey your users and ask them to write reviews, ratings, and opinions about your products or services they’ve purchased.

Thus, you will be able to collect a lot of information about their needs, opinions and experiences related to your brand.

This element will bring more value to your database.

In addition, you will check the degree of satisfaction of your customers, know their tastes and interests and you will be able to get new ideas.

Conducting surveys
Example of conducting surveys, reviews, ratings and opinions in Sprinter’s newsletter

#9 Offer discounts and exclusive benefits

One of the most common examples of newsletters is to offer discounts and exclusive benefits.

Consider sharing with your subscribers any discount, offer or benefit for the purchase of your products or services.

This technique is widely used especially in times when the company’s activity is lower than usual or for the recovery of coldleads.

In this way, users will perceive the discount as a unique opportunity to go to buy your product or enjoy your service.

Offer discounts and exclusive benefits
Example of offering discounts and exclusive benefits at Foster’s Hollywood’s newsletter

#10Make a gift

This newsletter example is one of the most practical and user-liked.

Offer them a present.

This is an interesting way to show your subscribers that you value their presence, that you think about them and that you want them to enjoy your products and services.

Thank them, reward their loyalty and, in this way, you will contribute to continue to generate that community around your brand.

Make a gift
Example of making a gift in Intersport’s newsletter

#11 Announce new collaborations

This is an example of a very original newsletter that makes subscribers curious.

Announce collaboration or timely partnership with a brand that complements you and has shared brand values.

Take advantage of this situation and offer your subscribers added value.

In addition, it is very useful since subscribers of both brands will know the other and probably a substantial group will be interested in you and want to be part of your community.

However, it is necessary that the campaign is made by the two brands at the same time for mutual beneficiaries.

Announce new collaborations
Example of announcing new collaborations in Iberia’s newsletter

Importance of original and effective newsletters

You have already been able to check the importance of newsletters for the construction and maintenance of the link with your community.

This channel is very interesting to increase and retain followers.

Also, useful for increasing sales.

Get to know your audience well and generate quality content.

Get inspired by these original and effective examples, and create yours for the special touch of your brand.

If you want to know more about email marketing, check out related articles from our blog.

And, of course, any questions you have we will be happy to help you.

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Go ahead.

Create the best newsletters!


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