How to get subscribers to your email marketing strategy

Digital Marketing 11 February 2022

Email marketing is one of the most widely used digital marketing techniques.

This tool allows much more than a simple sending of newsletters.

It means having the personal information of a potential customer, being able to have direct communication with them and making them see that they need your product or service.

But for all this there is something basic: have the maximum number of subscribers in your database.

Do you know how to do it? If not, don’t worry. That’s what Kiwop is for.

We show you what email marketing is, when to include it in your online marketing strategy and how to increase your subscribers.

Let’s go there!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing consists of sending communications in order to inform or advertise a product or service through email.

However, this tool goes much further.

Thanks to personalization and segmentation, it allows you to target your potential customers to make them see that they need what you market.

Therefore, it is a great push to increase the conversions of your company.

If you still have any questions, find out all about email marketing.

Email marketing
Incorporate email marketing into your digital strategy

Why make an email marketing strategy

The list of benefits of this digital marketing technique is immense, but we tell you the most important ones.

After discovering all its benefits, know the best email marketing trends for this 2022 with which your e-commerce will grow.

7 tips to get more subscribers

Once you have decided to bet on an email marketing strategy, the most important thing is to focus on increasing your number of subscribers.

The more you have, the greater your options.

For this reason, from Kiwop, we offer you 7 tips with which to increase your database.

Show your pre-sale products

Differentiate yourself from others to succeed.

You don’t have to wait to sell a product or service. Advertise it in advance!

This way you will get new emails, increase future sales and generate a hype to stand out from your competitors.

Notify your offers and sales

Inform users that you have discounted products or services.

In this way, many will subscribe to your database of your email marketing strategy, and you will be able to capture it.

Use this technique!

Email marketing
Create offer notifications to encourage subscription

Offers free shipping

The word “free” will prompt users to subscribe to your email marketing strategy.

If they see that this option is only for those who are subscribed, a high percentage of them will.

Provide a promo code for your new subscribers

Inform them that if they subscribe to the newsletter, they will receive a promotional code with a percentage discount for the next purchase.

This option is widely used by online stores, and it brings great results.

Ask them for the email before finalizing the purchase

When they are finalizing the purchase, ask them for their email to provide them with information about your products or services.

Also, suggest the advantages of being subscribed to your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing subscribers
Increase subscribers to your email marketing strategy

Use a Squeeze Page

You may wonder, what is a Squeeze Page?

It is a landing page with the main objective of getting emails from users who access the web.

Everyone, who enters your online business, will see that section to be able to leave your email.

It’s great!

Create sweepstakes for those who subscribe to your newsletter

Sweepstakes always have a positive impact on the company.

Create raffles of your products or services, but with a very important premise: only those users who leave their email can participate.

Get ready to grow!

Increase subscribers to your email marketing strategy

We hope we’ve helped you figure out how to increase the number of subscribers to your database.

Once you carry out our tips, your email marketing strategy will triumph.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so.

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Boost your business with email marketing!


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