How to choose the best web development agency

Web Design and Development 19 June 2020

Choosing the best web development agency is one of the key actions for the success of a web project,along with defining the goals you want to achieve.

In this article we want to give you some tips on how to choose the best web development agency. If you want to read more about this topic, don’t miss our recent related article by clicking here.

Considering that you’ve already done an initial online search, and asked your trusted contacts, so you’ve already got a list of five or six web development agenciesready. What factors will you consider when choosing the best one?


Your website, success stories and first contact

We are talking about hiring a web development agency,therefore, your website should be very attractive and meet all the requirements of a super optimized website. If not, we got off to a bad start. While even having an unlo optimized website the programmers may be good, it’s a bad sign. The same goes for success stories, and finally, it’s important that you get a good impression during the first contact with the web development agency.


A web development agency must lead by example and have an optimized 100 website. What does this mean?

Among the most important factors we highlight:

During the early stages of web development agency selection, it is important that you have a good impression of your website.

web development agency

Cases Studies

As we’ve been saying, the impression you have of a web development agency’s success stories is just as important.

In this initial phase you will need to look at the client portfolio of the web development agency and take a look at their websites. What do you think? You can pay special attention to the factors described in the previous section to evaluate whether the websites of former customers are optimized (Quick upload, easy and simple navigation, attractive web design, etc.)

The first contact

When you contact each web development agency in your list of selected agencies, the impression you get on the first contact is also important.

contact agency web development

Understanding the goals of your web project

This is a very important factor that will be key to you when choosing the best web development agency. Once you establish the first conversation with one of the agency’s consultants, you will have the opportunity to explain:

web development goals
Understanding the goals of your web project

What you should expect from the web development agency is, among other things:

If your web development agency hasn’t clearly understood your project goals, you should discard it as it won’t be able to help you meet them. The web development agency’s understanding of goals will be entirely defined in its proposal, but during the first few conversations, you can already get an idea of whether they understand your goals.

The web development proposal

The moment you receive the proposal, you’ll know if the web development agency has understood exactly the objectives of your project, and you will be able to carefully evaluate what they propose and compare it with the proposals of other web development agencies that have also passed your selection process.

First of all, have they taken long to send you the proposal? Normally a consultant must provide an approximate time for the proposal. If they do it too quickly, it’s not a very good sign, they may have used a template and put the name of your company. At least a couple of days, proving that the web development agency has invested efforts in customizing the proposal. However, the consultant should always report an approximate time, and it is important that the agency does not be too delayed when sending it. If it takes too long, it is also not a good sign, as it may indicate delays also during the realization of the project.

agency web development reus

Proceed to read the proposal carefully, and evaluate the content of the proposal.

Price can be synonymous with quality and a great experience in web development.

In addition, web development agencies often have a multidisciplinary team that is very useful to meet the objectives and needs of any project.

Finally, if you have doubts, don’t cut yourself and ask a lot of questions. All you need to be able to determine the best web development agency for your project.

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