Here’s what you need to know about A/B Tests in Email Marketing

Digital Marketing 17 August 2020

Email Marketing isn’t dead, it’s more alive than ever.

And it would be a shame if your business didn’t take advantage of it.

As we mentioned in this article, having an Email Marketing strategy in the Digital Marketing plan is a great success, since it allows you to greatly increase sales opportunities. And all at a fairly economical price.

But, like everything, you need a good strategy.

And one of the best strategies you can define is to carry out an A/B Testing, A/B Test or A/B test (as you prefer to say).

That’s why, in this article we tell you what you need to know about A/B Tests to optimize your Email Marketing strategy to get results sooner.

What are A/B tests?

In Marketing there is no right answer for everything. We always come across the typical “depends”.

What’s good for one company doesn’t have to serve another.

In Digital Marketing it is very important to test, measure and optimize the actions you are carrying out.

And to do this, we recommend that you carry out the A/B tests.

What are they? Very easy.

It is simply a marketing technique where you make two different versions, for example, of the same social media ad and analyze which of the two works best. The results are then measured, and the ad that has worked best is the one that is then widely launched.

In other words: an experiment is done to see which one comes out best.

In this way, we optimize the results and focus only on those actions that really give us results.

If we transfer this to Email Marketing,doing an A/B test refers to splitting a campaign into two parts.

Taking an A/B test will help us to successfully achieve the objectives that we have set, reduce the cost per lead, improve the click rate (CTR), among many other metrics.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 😉

How do A/B tests work?

Don’t worry, they have a very simple operation. Specifically, only 3 steps:

On the other hand, we recommend that you try a thousand variables in a single mail.

You’d better identify which ones you want to improve, and focus on just one per campaign.

For example, you may want to improve the openness rate. Then identify which elements can help you increase it.

In this case, an idea would be to formulate two different “Subjects” of the email so you can check which one catches the most attention to your subscribers to open the message.

Example test A/B email marketing
Example of a sales-focused email marketing A/B test

Simple and very effective examples of A/B testing in Email Marketing

There are many tests you can do in an A/B Test. We recommend these simple practices to implement and that can give you some very interesting results:

Now it’s your turn

Email Marketing, like Digital Marketing in general, is based on trial and error. So you know: now it’s up to you to see what works best for your business.

We’ve mentioned the easiest and quickest tests to do, but there are many more options that can be very helpful to you.

Experiment, measure and optimize. These are the top three email marketing. And that’s what we strongly recommend you to do.

However, if you feel that you prefer to delegate this (necessary) work in the hands of an expert agency in Email Marketing,at Kiwop we can help you.

Contact us, we will be happy to know your business and be able to help you improve your conversions through Email Marketing and A/B testing . Email Marketing y el A/B testing 🙂


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