Digital Marketing agency in Barcelona

We are a Digital Marketing agency for B2C and B2B. We have offices in Barcelona and throughout the national territory. We are your digital marketing agency in Barcelona.

Digital Marketing in Barcelona?

Along with the development of corporate websites and online stores, we create and implement online action plans so that you can attract more customers, retain them and increase your online sales, in a profitable and sustainable way.

Our clients trust us for being a strategic and operational digital marketing agency in Barcelona and Reus.

We work as a team with the most diverse and varied sectors: fashion, health, education, transport, professional services and many more, both B2B and B2C, becoming an agency with a global vision, an expert in digital marketing for companies.

We help you get results

If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

Shall we start today?

At Kiwop, Digital Marketing agency in Barcelona we help you achieve results. We develop your corporate website or online store, and if you already have a website or eCommerce and want to optimize its benefits, we help you!

We increase the number of leads

Our lead generation services will help you capture quality leads at the most affordable cost. We work by objectives and we work to obtain the maximum return on your investment (ROI).

We implement strategies with the aim of generating the largest number of leads and quality sales opportunities, to obtain the best conversion rate from lead to customer.

We enhance the visibility of your brand

At Kiwop, we strengthen your digital brand. We convey to your target audience who you are and what your values are. We are experts in SEO and SEM campaigns, through which we will get you to the first page of results in search engines.

We develop advertising and communication action plans to make your digital branding strong, we will give visibility to your brand and we will manage the public opinions and what people say about it.

We will also determine which are the best communication channels for your brand, as well as the advertising tools.

We optimise your conversion rate

Our extensive experience in web development of online stores and integration with the different ERP platforms on the market, makes us experts in usability and web design, purchasing processes, WPOSEO and CRO.

We specialise in the creation and implementation of Digital Marketing actions to generate quality traffic,attract new customers, retain loyalty, and maximize the value of the average ticket.

We help you build customer loyalty

A new client requires a greater effort in time and investment than a recurring client.

We create engagement strategies with the aim that the client returns, repeats the purchase, and finally, becomes a brand embassor.

At Kiwop we differentiate ourselves from our competitors

We create and implement actions tailored for each client, taking into account their objectives, brand and target audience.

We help you get results

If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

Shall we start today?